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Hey guys I am back!! thank you so much to people who commented and said so many sweet things. But i don’t know why I am getting less comments. Is it because you don’t like the ff anymore because it just makes me really sad when I don’t see enough comments. So on that note, I will proceed to the next chapter but plz comment.. Here we go. Btw this chapter is going to be really hot and romantic so don’t bash me as I am really bad at writing these type of scenes so enjoy.

Swara got out of his grip and ran towards the car while blushing. They both reached her house and he gave her a peck saying good-bye and he drove off. She was content and went to her room and slept peacefully. The next day, everyone was so busy and Swara was getting ready in her bridal avatar. Everyone was so happy and the whole house was filled with guests and noise. (I don’t want to drag this marriage topic so I am just not going to explain it.)

Eventually, all the functions of their marriage were finished and finally, they were husband and wife.
In Sanskar’s room, Swara was really nervous. She was walking here and there talking to herself like she always did. When Sanskar quietly opened the door, he smiled when she didn’t realize him coming. When he closed the door behind him, she got alert. They both were in awkward positions; Sanskar was scratching his head and Swara was looking everywhere except him. Swara being Swara couldn’t take this anymore said something.

Swara: Why are we making it more complicated than it is? We are a married couple, right?
Sanskar smirked: So should we behave like one?
Saying this, he took few steps toward her and she took few steps backward.
Swara: N… No… I…
Sanskar: What Swara?

Swara: Remember we promised…
Sanskar: But I can’t resist that you are in my room alone and now we are allowed to do everything.
Swara blushed and took few steps backward. Suddenly, she hit the wall behind her but Sanskar didn’t stop. He was coming towards her and when he was so close that there was no space between them, he kissed her forehead. Swara closed her eyes, as she couldn’t take her racing heartbeat anymore. She didn’t want to stop him as she herself was enjoying it. Sanskar kissed her eyes. She tried to move but he held her hands and pinned them against the wall in both of their sides. They both smiled. Their lips finally touched with so much passion. It was light at first, then more urgently, his tongue in her mouth, her hips tilted against his, her br*ast against his chest, her whole body sending a message that was undeniable. They didn’t know when they got on the bed and when Sanskar took his short off. It was all happening at once. Sanskar worked his hands on her tank top and got rid of it. Slowly, he took her shorts off too. Now, she was in just bikini and he was in his pants.

They were kissing and teasing each other. When Sanskar realized that Swara was struggling to take his pants off, he got up from the bed and took his pants off. He slid down his boxers and that’s when Sanskar saw Swara’s face. Literally, Swara thought that this will not work. She gulped so hard that it made a sound of a frog. Sanskar laid on her and said, “I promise that it will work. By the way, thanks for the compliment even though it was just a face expression.” Swara blushed hard and smacked his chest. He again kissed her and Swara was so involved it. She felt his hardness against her belly and she knew that he was charged fully. Even she was soaking under there. Sanskar took her bra off and caressed her br*asts.

“You are so beautiful,” Sanskar looked at her closed eyes and nibbled her neck. He slowly made his way down and kissing her br*asts. In the meanwhile, he slid his fingers inside her and Swara moaned. His fingers were working at her clitoris and she couldn’t help but moan. It was so painful and pleasant at the same time. Sanskar was working as an expert and she was just enjoying his teasing. He licked her nipples and then, bit them. “Oh god, Sanskar.” Swara arched her back up and pulled him more by holding his hair. This was it. Now, Sanskar couldn’t hold it anymore. He had to be inside her right now.

He opened his nightstand drawer and ripped open the con**m. He fumbled with it but then he caught hold of it. Sanskar saw Swara’s face that showed fear and he kissed her again assuring her that he is here. “Do you trust me?” Sanskar bit her earlobe and when she nodded, he kissed her again. And finally, he slipped inside her. She gasped and shut her eyes, and then neither of them spoke. She had one hand on his shoulder, the other slowly stroking his back, from the nape of his neck to the base of his spine.
“You feel so good,” he whispered and he was slowly stroking inside her. Then Sanskar couldn’t hold back any longer. He plunged inside her, deep into that maddening clutch, that heat. She moaned, her hands locked onto his shoulders, her breath against his face, her voice in his ear, urging him on.

“Don’t stop,” Swara said unable to hold this pleasure. “
“Never,” Sanskar gasped as she put her lips against his ear, whispering his name over and over, like a chant, or a song, or a prayer. Then, he saw her face when she came. It was the first orgasm of that night and when she came, it was like her whole world is shattered. She was a statue for a while but then, it was Sanskar’s turn. He again started thrusting into her and hard this time. Oh, he was so close to come and then it happened. His orgasm hit him and the room fell silent with all their moans. He slipped out and lay beside her. The only noise filled the room was of their heavy breathing. He looked at her and slides her string of hair behind her ear. She looked at him and smiled.

“That was…” Sanskar was about to say but Swara cut him in between.
“Amazing.” Swara said and they both laughed.
“You wanna go again,” Sanskar said and he did not even wait for her answer and started this all over again.

So finished with this hot and romantic chapter. Tell me guys if you like it and if you don’t, then still comment. Happy Diwali guys, i hope you enjoyed your Diwali 🙂

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