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She smacked his arm but tightened the grip and hugged him more closely. She was feeling so safe and comfortable in his arms that she never wanted to leave.
Sanskar: So how long do we stay like this before becoming uncomfortable and tired?
Swara angrily: Forever! This is the most comfortable place for me to stay and I would like to die like this too.
Sanskar pulled her from the hug and looked at her angrily. Swara bit her tongue after saying that and she knew that no one can save her from him now.
Sanskar: You will see that I will die before you so that you can know the pain of loosing me before I do.
Swara: Shut up Sanskar. Never talk like this.
Sanskar: Oh so you can talk like this every time and I should just stay quiet.
Swara: Oh ok, promise. Now no one will talk like this ever.

She hugged him again as he disturbed her peaceful time.
Sanskar also reciprocated: I think you will not be called stupid if you forgive him. Just live for today and don’t think about tomorrow. Life has ups and downs but you should never give up. So go up to him and say that “Dad, don’t leave us again” and hug him. You will be much happier.
Swara after thinking: I need sometime.
Sanskar: As usual. Sure, take as much time as you want but please tell him before we have kids. So that they can see only the happy family and happy mommy not this frowning mom.
Swara: Oh really! You are so changed. You were such an arrogant man before and now, no one can think that you are the same person as before.
Sanskar: Well, my life changed me.
Swara: Give me some credit. I changed you, if I wasn’t in your life then no one will dare to think to marry you or love you. It was only me that had the courage to bear you.
Sanskar: You are so mean. I changed you; if it weren’t me you would have been lonely and scared.
Swara: Well that’s true. You did change my life.
Sanskar: You are my life so please if you want to see me happy, be happy.
Swara: Okay boss.

They both smiled and Sanskar came close to her. He whispered against her lips: By the way, I didn’t say that you look so s*xy in your shorts that I want to take you down right here and tear those apart.
Swara blushed like hell and he captured her lips in a second. She encircled her arms around her neck and he held her waist pulling her more and more close. She said in between their kiss: I love you so much, Sanskar.
Sanskar: I love you too, Swara.
They were making out on the side of the busy road but they didn’t care. Suddenly, they were disturbed by one car’s headlight and when Sanskar looked towards the car, one man said, “get a room, guys.” And the car drove by. They both laughed joining their heads.
Sanskar: Should we?
Swara: What?
She was playing with his shirt button. He held her waist and pulled her more close.
Sanskar: Get a room.
Swara: Be patient.
Sanskar: Then you should stop wearing such kind of clothes and test my patience.
Swara: Oh stop buttering me. Let’s go home, I need to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow.
Sanskar: It’s just 11 p.m. Can’t we stay here a little longer.
Swara: Do you want me to sleep during the vows?
Sanskar: Actually, you should go to sleep because I won’t let you sleep tomorrow night.

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