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Look who’s back!!! As I promised, I am updating on the weekends so I hope you guys don’t get mad at me now lol 😉 So without wasting any time, let’s go ahead with the story… Here we go!!

In her room after the function, she was recalling every bit of memories from past with Shekhar and then, how he left her and her mom so easily without giving it a second thought. She had no idea why did he come back but she didn’t want to ruin Sumi’s happiness. After all, she was laughing from her heart after a long time. “I can’t forgive him even though mom and Ragini did. How can he come out clean after doing so many sins in his past? I can never look at him the same way I used to in childhood. I don’t need him anyway and neither mom does. What the hell is wrong with everyone that they can’t see his real side? He will again break her heart and leave her alone like he did before.” She was having tears in her eyes while thinking about all this again. Yeah, she was surrounded with these thoughts day and night as if this is the only thing that is left in the whole world to think about.

Meanwhile, Sanskar was looking for Swara, as he wanted to take her for a long ride. He already asked Sumi and Shekhar permission but he couldn’t find her. His situation was really confusing. He wanted to be there for Swara but he knew that only Swara’s insecurities about her father was stopping her to forgive him. But he wasn’t there when this entire storm hit Swara and left her broken so he never tried to make her understand. He had to be practical for Swara and also, Swara never stopped him to talk to Shekhar. She just never looked towards her dad or taunts him or even fights with him as if he doesn’t exist in her world.
Sanskar entered into her room without knocking and called her name. Hearing the door open, Swara stood up startled and wiped her tears hoping that Sanskar did not notice but our Sanskar was smart. He did not fail to notice her vulnerable state, which she was covering with her feeble smile.

Swara: Sanskar what are you doing here at this time? I thought you went home already.
Sanskar: Well I thought we could end this night with a long ride but it seems that someone is not in a mood.
Swara was trying to not meet her eyes and started folding her heavy dress that she wore that day.
Swara: No it is not that. I am just a little tired with all the attention and all the smiling part.
Sanskar: Oh c’mon, you seem like an old lady talking about how she walked few steps and got tired. We are going and that is your to-be-husband’s order.
Swara smiled and looked at him. She gave him an unbelievable look and took out her clothes from her closet and was going to change but was stopped in the midst from Sanskar. He threw the clothes she picked on the bed and picked her up in a bridal style.

Swara: Sanskar, what the hell are you doing? Someone might see us.
Sanskar: We are not going for shopping that you have to get ready. We are just going for a long ride and we will be sitting in the car for the whole time.
Swara: Yeah I know and I was only changing into sweatpants. Sanskar, I am wearing shorts and tank top, don’t you think it is a little chilly outside? At least let me get my jacket.
Sanskar: I have one spare jacket in my car and if I let you go inside your room now, I might die with you carrying all the way up again and also, we will get a little late. Sumi ma strictly told me that we should be home by 12 so I am not wasting any time.
Swara: You are impossible.
Sanskar: That I am.

He put her in the front seat and closed the door. He himself got in the driving seat and started the engine.
Swara: Where is your jacket? I don’t want to sneeze when the pandit is reciting mantras of our marriage.
Sanskar: It’s in the back seat.
She got the jacket and put it on. It was smelling like Sanskar and she pulled it more close to smell it even more. She was enjoying it and Sanskar was just smiling looking at her.

Sanskar: If you really like my fragrance, why don’t you just hug me?
Swara blushed: It’s nothing like that. Don’t flatter yourself. I was just checking if it smells like it is washed or not. You know I can’t stand mess.
Sanskar: Oh really says the one who messed her room like a garbage area.

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