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I am so sorry but I am really busy these days… However, from now I will try to atleast update every weekend so that I don’t disappear like this. Thank you so much guys for all the comments on the previous ff. Now, enjoy this update

Sumi got a call from her office as she had an important meeting to attend. Sanskar told her to go as he is here with her. After she left, Sanskar sat beside her and started reminiscing all the past moments with her. He put his hand on her forehead and said: I love you so much, Swara. Don’t leave me ever.
After a little while, Swara opened her eyes and saw Sanskar and got excited. She got up but realized that was the worst mistake because she got a sudden pain in her stomach.
Swara: Ouch.
Sanskar made her lay down again.
Swara: I am okay, handsome. Don’t worry.
Sanskar: I can see that.
Swara: Why you always stay mad at me? I am a patient; don’t you know how to behave with a sick patient?
Sanskar controlled his smile after looking at her childish act: That reminds me of an incident.
Swara got confused: Which one?
Sanskar: You didn’t tell me that you are afraid of needles.
Swara got a little tensed but more embarrassed: No, who told you that?
Sanskar: I know how you took the whole hospital on your head. You are such a kid.
Swara hit him really hard: I hate you. I am not a kid.
Sanskar: You are such a cute kid.

Swara: I am not, please stop calling me that.
Sanskar: You are.
Swara: Oh really! Then why are you marrying a kid? Don’t you know that marrying a kid is a crime?
Sanskar: I am ready to bear any punishment just to be with you.
Swara got tears in her eyes but she wiped them quickly: Stop your emotional talks.
Sanskar: Why can’t you say what are you feeling? Why do you always try to hide your emotions?
Swara tried to divert the topic: It’s really hurting me.
Sanskar kissed her cheeks and raised his eyebrows.
Swara: The pain went a little but it is still a little hurtful.
Sanskar came up to her and was getting more and more closer to her. She closed her eyes, as she was getting nervous. They both were an inch apart that their lips finally met. It was a very passionate kiss; they both were lost in it. Swara head and heart was not in her control, it was like both of them are going to explode out of her body while she was on cloud nine. She couldn’t explain what she was feeling. Fear, nervousness and happiness were all together playing in her head. The same happened with Sanskar, he was really strong. Swara moved to her left side and Sanskar was bending on her. After they departed from their best moment, their foreheads touched. Sanskar murmured I love you and Swara had tears in her eyes.
After recovering from that moment, Sanskar decided to tease her.
Sanskar: You know what Swara? Someone told me that after marriage they will stay as friends and will not get intimate. They will give each other some time to adjust. But now I think how will she resist while seeing him in the same room.
Swara knew what he was talking about. She felt embarrassed but she didn’t want him to know.
Swara: Oh really. Same thing happened with me too. But how will he resist while seeing her?
Sanskar: Maybe they should drop that idea.

They both laughed and continued talking. After two weeks, she was recovered completely, Sanskar was visiting her everyday and Swara also started to feel that Shekher has changed but she didn’t want to accept it. Their marriage date was getting closer and closer.
On the henna function, Swara saw Shekher busy doing all the preparations. He was fulfilling all his duties as a dad of a bride. Swara was also happy but still she didn’t make any progress to talk to him. Everyone gave her time to think about this because no one wanted to impose Shekher on her. Swara also didn’t upset them as she stopped talking to him rudely.
Sanskar saw her looking in the direction of her dad so he came up to her and folded his hands on her bare belly.
Sanskar in her ears said: If you forgave him already then tell him.
Swara was shocked to see him so close to her and by his statement. She didn’t know what to reply.
Swara: N… No. I mean…
Sanskar: The doctor was right.
Swara gave him confused look like what was he saying.
Sanskar: You are really a tough nut to crack.
Swara got mad at him and ran after him. Everyone started laughing at her childish acts.

Precap – I don’t know

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