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A BIG SORRY GUYS!! I couldn’t update from so long that I don’t even know that if you guys even remember my ff. I don’t even know if you guys will forgive me or not but i am really apologizing. I need comments to see who missed this ff now 😉 Let’s just start with the next chapter before you guys kill me for updating it after so long… Btw this is going to be a long update so enjoy
http://www.tellyupdates.com/just-us-swasan-28/ – This is episode 28 if you guys need it.

The next morning, Sanskar hurried to the hospital and saw that Swara was still sleeping. He smiled and put his hand on her forehead. He started caressing her forehead but jerked his hand away when he saw that she was waking up. He stood up from the stool and took few steps back.
Swara: Sanskar, Good morning.
Sanskar didn’t say anything. Ragini woke up and greeted Sanskar. After a little talk, she went out to give them a little privacy.
Swara: It hurts.
She made a puppy face and Sanskar got worried.
Sanskar: Let me call the doctor.
Swara: It’s no use.
Sanskar came up to her and said: Then what?
Swara: Maybe…
She mischievously smiled but Sanskar still didn’t understand.
Sanskar: Maybe what?
Swara: I think I need a kiss.
Sanskar got mad and was about to leave but Swara stopped him.
Swara: It was not your fault.
Sanskar didn’t turn back.
Swara: I was really stupid but you know, I am such a kind person that I can’t help myself.
Sanskar: Don’t talk; you have to take rest.
Swara: How can I? You first have to forgive me.
Sanskar: Why did you come in between the knife and me? Are you a superwoman that you can bear so much pain?
Swara: If I didn’t, then it would be much more painful.
Sanskar didn’t understand what she was trying to say.
Swara: Look if they would have stabbed you then you would be here instead of me.
Sanskar: That’s right. I wish I could be there.
Swara: Shut up. Then I would be crying as you are my life and I cannot live without you. If something had happened to you, then I would be a dead person anyway. So isn’t it better that I am alive right now?

Sanskar: Like I am happy to see you in this condition.
Swara made a puppy face: Sorry.
Sanskar smiled: Okay, apology accepted. But now take rest. I am going outside.
Swara: No, I am getting bored.
Sanskar: What do you want me to do? Dance?
Swara: Actually, not a bad idea at all.
They both started laughing when Sumi entered in the ward. Sumi kissed her forehead and asked how was she feeling.
Swara: Much better.
Sumi: Sanskar, you can go to the office. You have a lot of work to do; I am here to take care of her.
Sanskar: Okay.
Swara winked at him and he smiled. He left.
Swara: I am not staying here for one more day. I want to go home.
Sumi: Okay, I will ask the doctor.
Swara: Promise.

Sumi nodded and made her eat breakfast. After chatting for a while, Sumi left to talk to the doctor.
Swara was thinking of the past days in what so much happened. His so-called dad returned which she didn’t want. She was still not sure that if he was truly changed or not. She didn’t want to think about him so she decided to get up from the bed to walk. The wound was still fresh but anyhow, she got up. It was paining more than before but she was getting bored so she had to do something. She tried to stand but she couldn’t. She didn’t know how long was she trying to stand up because after a certain time, she was starting to feel dizzy. She lied down on the hospital bed but the pain didn’t go. It started to pain so bad and she could feel that it was getting wet as the blood soon started coming out. She started to cry, as she couldn’t bear that pain. She rang the hospital bell so that someone can get in. The nurse got in suddenly and was shocked to see the patient crying. She ran to call the doctor and he came running along with Sumi.
Doctor: What did you do?
Swara was crying: I just tried to get up but now it is hurting so bad. Help.
She started screaming and the doctor decided to give her the anesthetic injection. She screamed louder after seeing the needle. Sumi understood and told this to the doctor that she was scared of the needle.
Doctor: I have no other option. It will work faster to lessen her pain.
Swara: What to lessen my pain? The needle will hurt more. No I am not taking that shot.
She was literally yelling that the whole hospital could hear her screaming. She took the whole hospital on her head. She was screaming in pain but on the same time refusing to take the injection.
Sumi: Don’t behave like a child. C’mon take the injection.
Swara: Mom no. Please doctor, do something else.
The doctor signaled the nurse and she nodded. Swara saw it and got scared. She was shaking her head in a no but the nurse didn’t pay any heed to her pleadings. The two nurses held her arms and legs tightly while the doctor gave her the injection. She screamed so loud that the staff got really worried along with the patients. They all covered their ears and after good 15 seconds, she fell unconscious. Everyone started laughing on her childish acts and went back to the work. The doctor sews the wound again so that it doesn’t bleed anymore. Sumi was waiting outside and she saw Sanskar coming.
Sanskar: Maa, how is Swara?
Sumi: She is sleeping.
Sanskar: Sleeping?
He was confused as she was going to get discharged. When Sumi saw his face, she told him everything. They both started laughing and Sanskar asked her how is the pain now? Sumi said that she will be okay after she wakes up. Sanskar nodded.
They both came inside as the doctor came outside and told them that she is fine.
Doctor: I must say she is a tough nut to crack. She was behaving worse than little children. Take care.
He left and they both smiled and came inside.
Sumi caressed her face: She is still scared of the needles. You know what Sanskar, she disturbed the whole hospitals with her loud screaming’s and now look, she is sleeping so peacefully.
Sanskar smiled and nodded. Sumi got teary a little and Sanskar gave her an assuring look that she will be fine.
Sumi wiped her tears: I wonder when she will forget that.
Sanskar: Give her some time.
Sumi: Yeah but how much? When her dad left, she was the only one who knew my pain and sufferings. She saw me suffering and that’s how she decided that she would not marry. She has still that fear of losing you. Do you know that? That’s the only reason she saved you.
Sanskar: You don’t know how hard it was for me to make her confess her love to me.
Sumi smiled: She is a tough nut to crack.
They both smiled.

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