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Swara pushed the break paddle as she got a shock about the scene in front. Sanskar got worried after hearing the noise.
Sanskar: What happened, Swara?
Swara: I think some goons are chasing a man.
Sanskar: Why did you stop?
Swara: I think he needs help.
Sanskar: Don’t get out of the car. Just keep driving.
Swara: Stop it, Sanskar. That man is in trouble and I am going to help him.
Sanskar: Where are you now? Tell me.

Swara told her the address and saying that, she got out of the car. On the other side, Sanskar saw that he was just ten minutes away from that way so he thought to go to her to see if she didn’t get in any trouble. Swara asked the goons about what they were doing to the man.
Man: Beta, run from here or else they will kill you.
Swara: No uncle, I am not leaving you like this alone.
Goon: I think you want to die too today.
Swara got a little scared after seeing the knife: No way, I said leave uncle alone.
Goon: As you wish but you have to die instead of him than.
They both were coming towards Swara and she signaled uncle to run. The uncle ran from there to call the police whereas Swara ran from them too to get inside the car but one of the goons blocked her way.

Swara: Please, leave me alone or else I will call police.
Goon: Like we will listen to you.
They were coming towards her with the knife and he was about to stab when Sanskar punched him on his face. Swara hugged him and he asked if she was okay. She nodded and he fought with the goons. One of them was about to stab Sanskar from the back when Swara came in between. He accidently stabbed Swara in her stomach and hearing her scream, Sanskar also turned. He got shocked seeing Swara collapsing on the floor. The goons got scared to see Sanskar’s angry glares at them and they ran away quickly.
Sanskar took Swara in his laps and started crying: Swara… Swara… open your eyes. Please, Swara don’t sleep. We are going to the hospital right now.
Swara: Sanskar, it’s paining.
Sanskar: I know.
He took her in his arms and went to the hospital with her. The doctors took her inside and he informed everyone. They all rushed to the hospital and seeing Sanskar’s t-shirt filled with bloodstains, Sumi collapsed on the chair. Sanskar didn’t know what to say so he just kept quiet. Ragini and Shekher consoled her; everyone was crying and was impatient to meet Swara.
The doctor came out after an hour and said that there’s noting to worry as she is fine. The wound will take two weeks to heal completely so they have to take care of her completely.
Everyone went inside and got happy to see Swara fine. She got conscious and saw everyone inside the ward.
Swara: Why are you guys staring at me like this? I am fine.

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