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He hung up the call and went to the hotel. He asked the room number from the receptionist and knocked the door. Swara opened the door and by seeing his face, the warmth filled in her body. She hugged him tight and started crying. He hugged her and closed the door without breaking the hug.
Sanskar: Shhh… I am here. Now, stop crying.
He made her drink some water and made her stop crying by cracking some silly jokes.
Sanskar: Now tell me what happened and please without crying?
Swara explained everything to him and he got tensed to hear everything that had happened in her house.
Sanskar: Why did you call from an unknown number? Where is your phone?

Swara bit her lip and said in an apologetic way: I threw it across my room in anger. Sorry.
Sanskar got mad: Sorry? You don’t know how to react in crisis situation. You always get me worried. Are you okay now?
Swara nodded and Sanskar got relieved.
Sanskar: Then let’s go back home. Everyone must be worried.
Swara: No, I am not going there until that man is there.
Sanskar: Are you going to live here forever?
Swara didn’t know what to say. She had no reason to stay in the hotel room.
Swara: You should go, Sanskar.
Sanskar: No way, I am not leaving you like this.
Swara: Then, I am also not going back home.
Sanskar: Okay, then stay here as long as you want. You will feel happy when you would see your mom’s worried face, right?
Swara bit her lip and Sanskar cupped her face.
Sanskar: Why are you so stubborn?

Swara got mad at him and threw the pillow at him. Sanskar threw it back and they started pillow fighting. Swara’s foot slipped and she fell on Sanskar on bed. They both started laughing and Sanskar caressed her cheek. Her eyes start getting teary and he wiped the tears. After some time, Swara realized their position and pushed him. Sanskar scratched his head and Swara smiled a little.
Sanskar: Okay, pack your bags. We will go back home.
Swara: Sanskar, please don’t say no. You go right now and I will go back tomorrow morning. Please!
Sanskar: Okay but promise me that you will not cry and you will take care of yourself.
Swara nodded and hugged him. He was hesitant to go but complied. He went to his home back and called Sumi.
Sumi: Hello?

Sanskar: Maa, it’s Sanskar. Namaste!
Sumi smiled: Namaste beta. Did you meet Swara?
Sanskar: Yeah, I just came back from there.
Sumi got worried for her daughter: Is she okay?
Sanskar: She is fine. How is everybody at home?
Sumi: Everything is okay.
They both hung up and Sumi started crying. Shekher consoled her and she slept after a little while.
Shekher genuinely turned into a good person after living separately from his family. He didn’t want to leave them again but he was feeling guilty that only because of him, Swara left her house.
The next morning, Sanskar woke up and called Swara. She picked up the phone and by her husky voice, he figured that she didn’t wake up till now.
Swara: Good Morning, Sanskar.
Sanskar: What’s this? You didn’t wake up until now?
Swara: Sorry, I slept late yesterday…

She bit her lower lip, as she didn’t want Sanskar to know that she was up late night crying. Sanskar figured that out and was about to scold her when she changed the topic.
Swara: I am going to leave from here in 1 hour so that I can reach office on time. I’ll see you in the office. Bye.
Saying this, she hung up the call not giving a chance to let Sanskar speak. They both hung up and got ready. She checked out from the hotel and was driving when she got Sanskar’s call again. She put his call on speaker and started talking.
Sanskar: Where are you now?
Swara: I am in the middle. I am probably going to be there in half an hour.
Sanskar: Drive safe.

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