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The sunrays fall on them and Swara hid her face in Sanskar’s chest. They both moved a little and they noticed their position. Swara looked up and Sanskar looked down, their lips were very close that they were about to kiss but unfortunately, the knocking of the door disturbed them. Sanskar cursed under his breath and Swara started giggling.
Sanskar: Why doesn’t anyone let us kiss?
Sumi yelled: Swara, get up. The priest is coming in 30 minutes.
Swara: Priest?
Sumi: C’mon, get ready fast in suit. The Maheshwaris will be here soon to decide your marriage date.
Sanskar and Swara got up and in unison: WHAT?
Sumi: Swara, who is with you?
Sanskar hit his head and Swara got nervous: Maa, no one. I am by myself. I will come, you go.
Sumi: Okay, but come fast.
Swara: Yeah, mom.
She went downstairs to do some preparations. Swara asked Sanskar to go from her room before anyone sees him with her.
Sanskar: They are talking about our marriage date.
Swara: I don’t care about that. First, you go and let me change.
Sanskar: So you want to marry me?
Swara blushed a little: When did I say that?
She got out of bed and pulled Sanskar out of the bed too. She pushed his back to go from the window.
Sanskar: What? No I will not go from here.
Swara: How did you come?
Sanskar: By the window.
Swara: So, how will you go?
Sanskar: By the window.
Swara smiled and nodded.

Sanskar: Hey, that’s cheating. I am not going from here.
Swara: Please, Sanskar. I don’t want anyone to see you with me.
Sanskar came close to her: Why? I am your official fiancé.
Swara: Go.
Sanskar: Okay. Bye.
Swara smiled and went to the bathroom to change. She came outside wearing a pink salwar and kameez. She looked really pretty in her dress and she let her hair down in curls. She came downstairs and everyone smiled looking at her. Sumi caressed her cheeks lovingly while getting teary eyed. Swara wiped her tears but everyone got teary eyed. She sat down on the couch and starting crying fake. Everyone smiled looking at her childish behavior.
Nani: What happened to you? Why are you crying?
Swara: Because no one is happy to see me going from here. So, I decided that I would not marry anyone.
Everyone laughed and Swara smiled seeing them laughing. The doorbell rang and the Maheshwaris came inside with the priest along with so much shagun. They all were happy to see everyone there. Swara touched everyone’s feet and everyone blessed her. Sanskar winked at her and Laksh hugged her. Swara smiled looking at everyone happy. Everyone did have snack and asked the priest to find an auspicious date for their marriage. Swara and Sanskar were little nervous about it and their nervousness was worth it because the priest found the wedding date after a month. All were happy about it except them, as they wanted more time to understand each other. Anyways, everyone was happy and left after having lunch.
After they left, Ragini started jumping on her couch and Swara left to her room. Everyone was confused but thought that she got shy so they ignored her. Sumi got tensed because they all had a little time to do wedding preparation. Everyone went to do their work whereas Swara wandered in her room here and there.
Swara: OMG, OMG I don’t know what to do? Actually, it would be easy for me, as I love him. Yes, I love him and I will adjust there very easily after marriage. Oh my god, I don’t even know what to get worried for.

Suddenly, her phone rang and it was none other than Sanskar.
Sanskar: I am so sorry. I don’t even know what to tell you. I will try to convince dad that we both are not ready for this.
Swara: Do you love me?
Sanskar got angry: What the hell? Of course, I love you.
Swara: So, we will get marry.
Sanskar: Oh my god, someone is so eager to marry me.
Swara: Shut up. However, we will give space to each other and when we are comfortable with each other, we will take the relationship ahead. So what say?
Sanskar: That’s not a bad idea at all. You are the best.
Swara; I know.
Sanskar: But how will you resist seeing me so close to you in one room?
Swara thought: That is true. How will I? He is so hot and handsome. His eyes just compel me to look at them. Every time I see him, I just want to kiss him.
Sanskar: What are you thinking?
Swara: I can resist but how will you?
Sanskar thought: She is right. She is just making me crazy every time I see her. I love you and I can’t wait to kiss you again.
Swara: Now what are you thinking?
Sanskar: Nothing, I love you.
Swara: I love you too. Bye, I must go now.
They both hung up the call and smiled with the phone holding close to their heart.

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