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I am so sorry guys for being this late to post another update of this ff. But I got a little busy and just could not get time to post. I am really sorry but I got so happy to see all you commenting and appreciating this ff. Thank you so much guys for all your wonderful comments. 🙂 Now, let’s start with the next chapter… 😉

On Saturday, Sanskar went to the party and enjoyed a lot whereas Swara was getting curious to know what is going on in that Kavita’s party. Suddenly, her phone rang and it was of Sarah.
Sarah: Hi, Swara! Do you remember me? I am your best friend, Sarah.
Swara: Shut up, Sarah! What’s going on?
Sarah: I and Pari thought to go to hang out today outside. You want to join us?
Swara thought for a while and decided that she will go, as she wanted to distract herself.
Swara: Cool, I’ll get ready now.
Sarah and Pari got really happy. The trio had so much fun. They were enjoying like before and were happy. They all went to the restaurant after wandering in the city and sat down on the table.
Pari: Now tell me how’s your fiancé?
Swara: He is good.
Pari: Good or best?
Swara smiled: Best!
Sarah and Pari understood her reply. They did understand that she started loving him.
Sarah: Hmm… Are you in love?
Swara unintentionally said: Yeah.
She realized what she said and tried to take back the words but it was of no use. She blushed and then remembered that he went to that stupid party.
Pari: I am so happy for you. He seems like a genuine guy. He will keep you happy. So, when’s your marriage?
Swara: I don’t know. Sanskar and I thought to take some time for this relationship.
Pari: Does he love you?
Swara: Yeah.
Sarah got a little too excited: How did he propose you?
Swara: On engagement day, he just told me how he was feeling and I said the same.
They both got disappointed and Swara did notice it.
Swara: What more do you guys want? In college, you irritated me with all the boys talk and love stories. Now that I am in love, you guys don’t look happy.
Sarah: We are disappointed because of how he proposed you.
Swara: I don’t like all this mushy and cuddly things. You know how much I hate those love type things.
Pari: Did you guys kiss?
Swara remembered all her moments with Sanskar in the farmhouse that happened. She started smiling and they understood.
Sarah: How? I mean what happened?
Swara narrated the whole story and they all were in awe expression the whole time. They were jealous of her how she got such a true love and they didn’t. But it was just out of happiness not out of any evilness.
Pari: When are you going to introduce us to him?
Swara: You met him already.
Sarah: She meant that as your fiancé and your “love.”
Pari: That’s right. Where is he now? Call him right now.
Swara: He went to some stupid party.
She murmured something under her breath in anger. She bit her lips and cursed Kavita.
Sarah: Stupid party?
Swara: Nothing, his old “best friend” invited him for her party and he seemed so happy about it. I mean it is just a party, there’s nothing to get over excited about.
Sarah and Pari busted out laughing. They couldn’t control them and Swara was getting mad at them.
Sarah: Look at your face. You are getting red. Wait, are you jealous? Oh my God, you are getting jealous.
Swara: Maybe I am getting jealous.

They all chatted for a little while and went back to their respective houses. Swara was still waiting for Sanskar’s call but it was too late. While waiting, she slept unknowingly. At midnight, someone came from the window and laid on her other bedside. Someone put his hand on her waist, which woke Swara up. She was about to scream when he put his hand on her mouth. She widened her eyes and he switched on the light. She got relieved when she saw Sanskar’s face and hugged him suddenly. They both lay on the bed hugging each while Swara’s head on his chest.
Swara: Why are you here? If anyone will see, then?
Sanskar: After the party, I didn’t want to go home so I thought to come here and sleep with you.
Swara: How was your party?
Sanskar: Party was awesome. I enjoyed so much after a long time.
Swara: Hmm… You know that I love you, right?
She tightened the grip on him and he did too.
Sanskar: Yeah I do know and I love you too but why all of a sudden?
Swara: Just thought to tell you.
Sanskar tightens his hold and like this, they both slept together the whole night.

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