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Sanskar and Swara now were going back to the office when Sanskar received a call. He pulled over and started talking to the person and in the meanwhile, Swara started going through her phone. When he hung up the call, he started driving and was smiling. Swara wanted to know whom the person he just talked to. Swara was getting curious about it and now, she was getting really irritated.
Swara: Why are you smiling?
Sanskar: Nothing. I just remembered something.
Swara: May I know what you remembered?
Sanskar: My friend, Kavita, just called me. We used to be best friends in college and now, she invited me to her party this Saturday.

Swara was getting jealous of this Kavita who made him smile for so long. She wanted to know if they were best friends or more than that but she didn’t want to sound like a typical fiancé.
Swara cleared her throat: So, are you going?
Sanskar: I don’t know. I might because I have nothing to do this weekend.
Swara: Okay.
Swara got silent for a little longer than she would be which confused Sanskar a lot.
Sanskar: What happened to you? Why are you so quiet?
Swara: Nothing. I was just wondering something.
Sanskar: What? Tell me.
Swara: Are you going to be honest?
Sanskar just looked at her so she continued.
Swara: How many girlfriends did you have before our engagement?
Sanskar was confused: What made you think about this question?
Swara: Sanskar, please tell me.
Sanskar was quiet for two minutes.

Swara: Tell me.
Sanskar: Hold on. Let me count first.
Swara got angry and hit his shoulder.
Sanskar: Sorry. Should I tell you about my serious relationships or…
Swara got really jealous: Both.
She was trying to hide her anger and Sanskar knew what was happening.
Sanskar: In total, I had four serious relationships and I don’t know how many of the others.
Swara: You are such a brat. I hate you.
Sanskar: Why? You asked me to be honest with you so I did.
Swara: No. Actually, I… I.
Sanskar: Do you smell it?
Swara tried to take a long breathe: What?
Sanskar: Jealousy.
Swara hit his shoulder again but this time, really hard.
Sanskar: Ouch!
Swara: I was not jealous. I was just asking you, I should know that what was your past.
Sanskar: Yeah, you do. Okay now you tell me.
Swara: What?

Sanskar: Did you have any relationships before?
Swara: No, I was scared to have any.
Sanskar nodded: But did anyone try.
Swara: Yeah a lot of guys. Why?
Sanskar: Poor boys. Are you in contact with any of them?
Swara: Yeah, just one, Karan.
Sanskar: Karan? How is he?
Swara: He is really a nice guy. You know when I rejected him, he didn’t break our friendship but instead after that, we became best friends. Everyone used to think that we would marry in future because we used to fight a lot.
Sanskar was getting jealous now: Where is he now?
Swara: He is in New York right now.
Sanskar nodded. They both reached the office and went to their respective cabins. Sanskar was thinking about Karan and Swara was thinking about Kavita. They both were jealous but didn’t show it to each other. It looked so cute to see them both burning with jealousy but then they thought that they love each other and no one can come in between them.

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