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She changed into a cute short dress that was loose and opened her hair into curls. She was looking really cute and Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her after she came downstairs. Her family was happy seeing their daughter once again in normal mood. Sanskar had to leave because he got an urgent call for the work.
Swara: You go right now, I’ll come in half an hour.
Sanskar agreed and stood to leave. Swara followed him to drop him outside.
Sanskar: I’ll see you in the office. Bye.

Swara nodded but held his hand. He turned and looked at her confusingly.
Swara: I need to talk to you; actually I want to thank you for yesterday. I don’t even know how I was going to handle myself if you weren’t there.
Sanskar: Shh… I will always be there. As a matter of fact, you look s*xy in towel only not when you cry.
Swara punched him in his stomach and they laughed. Sanskar wiped her tears and went inside her car. She saw the car going and folded her hands and sighed. She went back and suddenly, Ragini came and hugged her.

Ragini: Never do that again that you did yesterday.
Swara tightly hugged her and said: Never.
They went inside and finished their breakfast. Ragini as usual went to college and Sumi went to her office. Dadi and Dada ji went to neighbor’s house and then, we were left with Swara and kaka at house. Swara went to her room and remembered all her moments with Sanskar. She started smiling and bushing. Suddenly, she remembered her dad in the mall. She was starting to panic a little. She didn’t want to go through that again so she decided to call Sanskar. He picked her call and got worried a little hearing Swara breathing heavily.
Sanskar: Are you okay, Swara?

Swara: Yeah, actually I just ran to get my phone and I decided to call you. So, how’s your work going?
Sanskar: Everything’s going okay. I just have a meeting so I am preparing for that right now.
Swara: Oh!
Sanskar: Yeah. So, what’s up?
Swara: Nothing.
Sanskar: Swara, stop thinking about that now. Come to the office.
Swara: I was not thinking about that.
Sanskar: I know you.

Swara: I don’t know what to do. Why is he back?
Sanskar: Swara, stop it right now. Come here and distract yourself.
Swara: Sanskar, you became a medicine for me. Thank you.
Sanskar smiled: Stop buttering me. I am waiting.
Swara just picked up her bag and went to office. She went to her cabin and was looking for Sanskar when Alicia came in.
Alicia: Swara, Sanskar sir wanted to see you in the parking lot. I think you have to go to the same site again for some more information.
Swara: Thank you Alicia.

They both smiled and Swara happily went to Sanskar.
Sanskar: Hi, Swara. Are you ready to do some work today?
Swara: I am. Let’s go and get through this fast.
Sanskar and Swara went inside the car and went to look at the site. Sanskar was happy to see Swara cheerful again. It took them three hours to do all the work and they got in the car.
Sanskar: Did you get hurt again this time or you got here without getting injured.
They both started laughing remembering the last time.

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