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Swara hugged him and he too did the same.
Swara: I just don’t want to end up like mom. You know, I saw her shattering on the floor several times. I saw her taking care of us without showing us her broken heart that the man broke it himself.
Sanskar: Swara, tell me what happened?
Swara: Sanskar, I am so scared. Mom took such a long time to recover from that and now, he is back.
Sanskar was shocked. He pulled Swara away from him and looked at her questioningly.
Sanskar: Where did you see him?
Swara: In the shopping mall. He didn’t even recognize me. He didn’t even recognize his own daughter.
Sanskar could now feel her pain. He now understood what was hurting her.
Sanskar: If he doesn’t care about his family then why are you giving so much importance to that man?
Swara: I couldn’t control myself. Anyway, mom shouldn’t know about this or else she will go in the same situation that she was in fifteen years ago.
Sanskar agreed and he tried to cheer Swara a lot but in vain. After a while, Swara put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Sanskar caressed her face and noticed that she slept already. He put her down and tried to leave but Swara was holding his hand. Sanskar smiled and tried to get off of her hold gently. He succeeded and went up to her. He kissed her forehead.

Sanskar: I love you.
Swara took a turn: I love you too.
Sanskar smiled and closed her room’s door. He went outside to go to his home but saw Ragini outside.
Sanskar: Ragini? What are you doing this late outside?
Ragini: Nothing. Is Swara didi fine now?
Sanskar: Yeah. Don’t worry. She is sleeping now.
Ragini: Thanks Sanskar.
Sanskar: No problem. Now you go to sleep too. Don’t you have college tomorrow?
Ragini: Is she fine? What happened all of a sudden?
Sanskar tried to make the same office excuse but she cut him off in the middle.
Ragini: Sanskar, I know her very well. Its okay if you don’t want to tell me. I am happy that you were with her today.
Sanskar put his hand on her head and said: Ragini, you will know at the right time. For now, you should go to sleep.
Ragini goes but stopped: Sanskar?
He turned and gave her a confused look.
Ragini: You know I never knew what was wrong with her all these years and I tried to ask her but she would always get upset. I stopped asking her and maa about their tensions but I know they are hiding something from me. Can you please do me a favor?
Sanskar was still confused but nodded.
Ragini: Can you please take care of her the whole life? For saying, I am her younger sister but she always behaved like one. She is really sensitive so please…
Sanskar: I know she is childish but I will try my best to keep her happy the whole life and for the last time, go get some sleep.
They both smiled and went to their respective places to sleep.

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