Just us – Swasan 18

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Sanskar: What did you get in the shopping mall?
Swara just signed in a no.
Sanskar: Are you hungry?
Swara again signaled no.
Sanskar: But I am. Mom started arranging the dinner and then I got a call so I had to rush here.
Now, he successfully got her attention.
Swara: Go home, it’s already late.
Sanskar: Well, I can eat here too. What did maa made today? It smells delicious.
Swara: I can’t smell anything.
She was not even smiling and Sanskar didn’t know what to reply.
Swara: I am fine, Sanskar. Go home and eat something. Don’t worry about me.
Sanskar looked around the room: You better get fine soon because kaka will find it really hard to clean this mess again and again.
Swara sheepishly smiled. She pretended to look better for Sanskar but she was not successful in lying. Sanskar started smiling and finished the band-aid stuff.
Sanskar: Oh my god.
Swara got scared: What happened?
Sanskar: Do you hear it?
Swara: What?

Sanskar: The sound of grumbling.
Swara tried to listen but Sanskar started laughing.
Sanskar: It’s coming from my stomach. Can we please eat something?
Swara: That’s what I am saying. Go downstairs or go home and eat.
Sanskar: Do you think that I will eat something unless you don’t?
Swara: Sanskar, please. I am not hungry and you should probably go home. Over there, everyone would be waiting for you.
Sanskar: They know that I am here. I am getting dinner for both of us here and you have to listen to your husband’s orders.
Swara didn’t say anything and even, she didn’t even look at something. Sanskar went downstairs. Everyone started questioning him that what was wrong with Swara, is she okay, type of questions. Sanskar didn’t know what to say so he just said that she was just worried for the project that she is working on. Something went wrong and she got upset.
Sanskar: Nothing to worry.

They all got relieved and Ragini insisted to meet her. Sanskar asked her to wait for tomorrow morning, as she needs some time right now. They all agreed.
Sanskar: Kaka, can you send two plates of food in her room. I’ll eat with her too.
Sumi hit her head: I am so sorry; I forgot that you had to eat dinner too.
Sanskar just held her shoulders and asked her not to worry.
They all smiled and blessed him. He went upstairs with the two plates but saw Swara crying again. When Swara heard the sound of his footsteps, she quickly wiped her tears and smiled fake.
Sanskar: Here you go. Actually, this smells not bad. I am so hungry.
He took the plates and sat in front of her. Swara smiled but didn’t say anything. He took a bite and forwards it to her but she said no.
Sanskar: Please, eat something.

Swara took that bite and took the plate from him. This time, she took the bite and feed him. They both fed each other and when they were done, he went to put the dishes in the kitchen sink. Everyone downstairs got relieved that Swara ate something.
Sumi: Now, you should go home as you are getting late too.
Sanskar: No, I am fine. I will stay with Swara for a little while and then, I’ll go back home.
Sumi hesitated but then agreed.

Sumi: I am so lucky to have you as my son. God bless you.
Saying this she went to her room along with others while Sanskar went to Swara’s room. He saw her crying again and got tired. He closed the door in anger.
Sanskar: I can’t take this anymore. You are not even telling me what is bothering you? I am so fed up. I am getting really impatient.
Swara wiped her tears and was shocked at his anger. She started crying badly and he went up to her.
Sanskar: I didn’t mean that. I am so stupid. I am so sorry. Please tell me what’s hurting you. I can’t see you like this.
Swara just kept crying and they both didn’t say anything for long when Swara pulled away from him and wiped her tears.
Swara: Sanskar, it’s really late. Go home.
Sanskar: You go sleep and then, I’ll go home.
Sanskar caressed her face and she took his hands in her hand.
Swara: Sanskar, please never leave me. I will die for sure.
Sanskar: How many times I tell you that I am not going to betray or leave you. Don’t you trust me?
Swara: I trust you completely but I just don’t trust my fate.
Sanskar: Swara, put this in your mind. Nothing can separate us.

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