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Sumi, Ragini, Nani and Nana ji were surprised at her behavior but they were used to it as whenever she was worried, she behaved like that every time.
Nani: What happened to her?
Sumi: Maybe some office work is bothering her. Maybe we should leave her alone sometime, she will feel better.
Swara came to her room and locked the door. She could no take more in so in anger, she started to throw things. She pulled the bed sheet; she threw all the things that were on her dressing table. She broke the mirror and the glass injured her hand pretty bad. Her hand was bleeding so bad that she couldn’t take the pain in. However, she thought that the pain that he gave to her mom was much more brutal than this. She just messed up the whole room and after all this, she just sat in the corner and started crying.
Downstairs, everyone got worried for Swara as they heard loud noises of things breaking up. They feared that Swara didn’t get any injury from this. They all came upstairs and started banging the door hard.
Sumi: Swara, what happened? Beta, are you okay.
Everyone was really worried for her.

Nani: Swara, tell us. At least, utter a word.
Swara: Everyone, please just leave from here. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I am completely fine.
They all could hear her crackling sound which made them sure that she is crying inside. Ragini started crying too as she couldn’t see her sister like this.
Ragini: Didi, please open the door.
Swara yelled: Just go.
Everyone thought to go out from there. Sumi thought to call Sanskar to find out if they fought or anything and everyone agreed. Sanskar picked her call.
Sanskar: Namaste maa.
Sumi: Namaste, beta. I am sorry that I called you so late.
Sanskar: No problem. Anything serious? Is everything okay?
Sumi: Beta, did you both have fight with her? Swara is in her room crying and breaking things. She didn’t even eat anything and now, she is not even opening the door.
Sanskar got up from the bed and got worried.
Sanskar: Maa, don’t worry. I am coming right now.
They both hung up the call and Sanskar drove to her house. Sanskar came in and he saw everyone looking really tensed.
Sanskar: Where is she?
Sumi pointed to her room and he ran upstairs. He asked them to stay downstairs and he will get her.
Sanskar knocked the door and asked Swara to open the door. But she didn’t respond. She was thinking about everything that happened already in the past. Sanskar now got really worried and came downstairs. Sanskar asked Sumi to give her the pin, which made her confused. Sanskar went to her room and tried to open the lock and he saw Sumi looking at him suspiciously.

Sanskar was embarrassed: Actually, when I was in college, this was the only method that I could escape from trouble.
Sumi smiled and went downstairs. He successfully opened the door. It was really dark so he switched on the light. He saw all the broken things on the floor along with the bed sheet. He was looking for Swara and got shocked to see her sitting in the corner all scared. She was still crying and he went to her quickly and hugged her. She didn’t respond but gave in. She hugged him really tight; they were sitting and hugging each other. Swara was sobbing and Sanskar was trying to make her stop.
Sanskar: Swara, what happened? Did someone say something?
Swara: T… That m… man. I… I s… saw him t… today.
Sanskar was confused: Who Swara?
He made her come closer to his chest. They were hugging so tight.
Swara: He came back, Sanskar.
Sanskar was really confused and didn’t know what to do.
Sanskar: Stop crying, first.
He wiped her tears and picked her up from the shoulders. She tried to get up but couldn’t.
Swara: ouch!
Sanskar: What happened?
He really got concerned for her and saw her hand bleeding. The concern was clearly shown in his eyes, which she noticed. He picked her up in his arms and made her sit on the messy bed.
Sanskar: Do you like to make yourself hurt? What did you do to this room? There is not even a space for placing my foot. Where is the first aid box?
He looked at her and saw her lost somewhere. He decided to look for it by himself and found it in one of his drawer. He went back to the bed and sat beside her. She was looking at the window lost in her past brutal memories. Sanskar was really concerned but he controlled himself. He was trying to get her attention but all he got from her was the nod.

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