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Days were passing by and Swara and Sanskar were getting more close to each other.
In the office,
Sanskar called Swara to his cabin to ask about the project that she was currently working on.
Swara: Sanskar, here is the file. I revised it but you should check it again. It is a very important file so read it. I have to go to finish my other work.
Sanskar: Did you eat lunch?
Swara: No, why?

Sanskar: Can you please take care of yourself? Let’s go out to eat lunch together.
Swara: No way, Sanskar. I am your PA in the office not your fiancé.
Sanskar: Okay, so this is your boss’s order. Let’s have lunch, please.
Swara started laughing and agreed to go for lunch.
The days were passing quickly with everyone happy. Swara and Sanskar were the cutest couple anyone would know, they were just perfect for each other. Not only that, they complement each other. Swara knew that he was the best thing that ever happened to her and she trusted him completely. She made up her mind that Sanskar will never cheat on her and after a while, she completely forgot how she never wanted to love anyone. Love has that power that if a person wants to run from it, it will never let that person run away. Everything was going smoothly. Swara and Sanskar told their elders that they need time to understand each other so the elders decided them to get married after 6 months. They didn’t want to hurry for this very important decision.

However, a day came when Swara’s everything shattered completely. It was an evening time and Swara went to mall for some shopping alone after office. She went to this mall and saw a man wandering in the mall. She couldn’t believe her eyes what she saw. It was unbelievable to her.
Swara: I am pretty sure that’s not him, at least I hope that it’s not him. Oh God, please be on my side today.
She went up to him and placed her hands on his shoulder. When he turned, she got appalled. She thought how did he come back and why? It was her dad, Shekher who left them alone in the big city by themselves.
Shekher: Yes beta, do you need something?
Swara could not say anything. Her words were struck in her throat and she couldn’t get them out. She finally got the courage and faced him.
Swara: N… Nothing, I thought I saw someone else. I am sorry.
He placed his hands on her head and said that it was okay.

Shekher: You are like my daughter and it happens to everyone. You don’t have to feel bad.
Swara got really mad at him, the past was revolving around in her head and the pain was so bad that she thought that her head is going to explode.
Shekher: No… Beta.

She didn’t let him finish and ran away from him. She went in to her car and started the engine and drove off from the mall.
Swara to herself: No way, he can’t come back. I won’t let him come back in our family. How will mom react at this? She went through a lot and I can’t see her in so much pain again. He is so ignorant of how we lived our lives and now he want to ruin our happiness again. No, I won’t let him take away our happiness. He doesn’t even remember who I am. He doesn’t even remember how her daughters look like. I wanted to kill him right away but…
She reached her house and looked at it from outside. She started crying vigorously and then controlled herself. She wiped her tears and went in. It was really late and everyone was on the dining table about to have dinner.
Sumi: Thank God you came. Go change and then, come for dinner.
Swara didn’t want to look in her eyes so she blatantly said: Mom, I am not hungry and please don’t come to my room, as I want to be alone for sometime. And don’t worry I am fine.

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