Just us – Swasan 14


Thanks guys for all the comments and this time, i tried to reply to all the amazing comments i got. I had a lil extra time so i thought why not? I hope you guys like this chapter too 🙂

Morning came and the sunlight fell on her face. She was disturbed by the light and woke up. Seeing her so close to him shocked her, she was trying to remember what happened last night. But her movement disturbed his sleep and they both looked at each other. The song was playing in the background while Swara and Sanskar had an eye lock. This time, Sanskar broke it and got up.
Swara: My head is going to explode.
Sanskar: Who told you to drink so much?
Swara: I didn’t drink it intentionally.
Sanskar: Wait, I will make you lemonade. That should help.
Swara was trying to remember what she did last night but couldn’t.
Swara: I hope I didn’t say anything to him.
As usual, she was talking to herself when Sanskar came with the glass.
Sanskar: Can you please stop?
Swara realized what he was saying and took the glass and drank it.
Swara: Can I ask you something?
Sanskar: Sure, what?
Swara: What did I do last night?

Sanskar: I can’t.
Swara was shocked by his answer.
Sanskar: I still have some shame left in me.
Swara: Speak clearly.
Sanskar: You tried to…
Swara: I tried to what?
Sanskar: take advantage of me. (I know this has become cliché but I just didn’t find anything else funny to add in this kind of situation.)
Swara: What? You are lying to me.
She collapsed on the bed and started crying so loud. Sanskar went to her and said that he was just teasing her.
Swara got mad and took a pillow and started beating. He ran around the house where Swara was following him with a pillow in her hand. He said sorry but she was not ready to listen.
Swara: I hate you so much.

Sanskar stopped and pulled her closer and said: But I don’t.
Swara was shocked by his reply and tried to free herself from his hold but he was really strong. He came really close to her and Swara stood up on her toes. They were some inches apart when their lips finally met. They shared a long and passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, she was shocked and turned to run but Sanskar held her hand and pulled her back close to her chest. He got close to her while her heartbeat was getting fast. She couldn’t take it anymore but couldn’t get out of his hold. She clutched her eyes tightly
Sanskar in her ear: I think I’m falling for you.
That was the time when Swara remembered what happened last night and started blushing. After getting into senses, she realized that she did a big mistake last night by telling him that. She can’t open the doors of her heart which will only lead her to pain and nothing else.
Swara: But that was what I said in a drunkard state. You shouldn’t take it seriously.
She had tears in her eyes and walked off but he was smiling. He was thinking till when she will not admit?
Sanskar: I will make her admit that she also loves me. But how?
Swara sat in the car and started crying.

Swara: I am so sorry, Sanskar. I can’t love you. No way, I can’t but how should I control this?
She saw Sanskar coming so she quickly wiped the tears. Sanskar and Swara were quiet the whole ride. Sanskar was smiling whereas Swara was getting irritated with it.
Swara: Why the hell are you smiling?
Sanskar: Nothing, I was thinking about last night.
Swara: Stop the car. I will go to my house by myself.
Sanskar just kept driving and ignored her.
Swara: STOP!
Sanskar: Here.
He applied the break and Swara jerked. They reached her house and then, Sanskar turned to her. Sanskar pushed her bangs and put it behind her ears.
Swara: Why are you doing this?
Sanskar: You know why?
Swara was surprised and got out off the car.
Sanskar: See you at the office today.
Swara got angry and went to her room directly. She didn’t listen to anyone not even Ragini. When she got to her room, she started crying so hard.
Swara: Please don’t do this to me, Sanskar. I can’t bear heartbreak like my mom. I am not that strong. Please Sanskar, stay away from me.
Ragini was knocking the door so Swara wiped her tears and opened the door.
Ragini: So what happened last night between you and Sanskar?
Swara: Stop it, Ragini. You go out, I have to get ready for the office.
Ragini was confused by her reaction so she got out. Swara started getting ready but wasn’t sure if she should go or take a day off.
Swara: I should be professional now, I can’t let him control who I am.

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