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They both put their glasses on the table and were looking at the dance floor. Swara got nervous because she remembered the kiss that was about to happen and drank the whole glass in a gulp. Sanskar reached down for his glass and saw that Swara accidently drank alcohol. He hit his head and thought to get out from the party. Sanskar instructed Swara to not go anywhere, as he will be back in a minute after biding bye to their client. Swara nodded like a child. He goes and Swara asked the waiter to make her a drink.

When Sanskar came back, he saw Swara drinking. He quickly went there and snatched the glass from her hands. He asked the waiter how many glasses and he said 4. Sanskar got a little worried and took Swara out of the party. He made her sit in the car and started driving. He thought it would not be good to take her to her house so he thought to get her to his farmhouse. Meanwhile, Swara was talking rubbish which was irritating Sanskar so much. Sanskar decided to call Sumi but thought that she will get worried so he thought to call Ragini instead.

Ragini: Hi Jiju.
Sanskar: Hi, listen Ragini. Your stupid sister drank in the party and I don’t think it would be good for her to take to my farmhouse.

Ragini started laughing: I can cover up for her at home but how will you handle her?
Sanskar understood because when he looked at her, she was making snowflakes on the car’s window.
Sanskar: Just take care of the work I gave you.
Ragini: Yes, sir.
She hung up the phone and thought what to tell mom. She went to her room and said that they will get late so they thought to spend a night in the farmhouse. Sumi was modern so she agreed for this and said that she trusts Sanskar. Ragini wished her good night and went to her room.
In Sanskar’s car,
Sanskar: Swara, get out of the car. It’s getting cold, let’s go inside.
Swara: No, I want to stay here.
Sanskar couldn’t take it anymore so he picked her up and got in the farmhouse. It was really dark inside; he put Swara down and switched on the lights.
Sanskar: Now you should go and sleep.

Swara: But I am not sleepy.
Sanskar: Who asked you?
Swara: Can you come with me? I am scared here. There is no one. Please.
Sanskar: Let’s go.
Sanskar took her to the room and laid her on the bed. When he was about to go, Swara held his hand and pulled him. He was on top of her now. Both were looking at each other and Swara was coming close to him to kiss.
Sanskar suddenly thought that she was not in her senses but he is. He pushed her down and got up. Swara got up too and both were embarrassed.
Swara: I’m not sleepy yet. Can we talk for a while?
Sanskar: Sure.
He sat beside her.

Swara: Why are you always so rude and arrogant?
Sanskar was surprised with her question and he gave her a mad look. Swara pointed at his face and said that’s what she was talking about.
Swara: Will you be like this after our marriage too?
Sanskar now understood what Swara said before drinking that how she is not herself.
Sanskar: I will not change for anyone.
Swara: Same. I will not either.
There was a complete silence in the room when Swara broke it.

Swara: Look, I will not expect anything from you after marriage but there is one thing that you have to keep in your mind.
Sanskar: What? (He was surprised)
Swara: You will never betray me and I will never betray you. Promise.
Sanskar gave her a questioning look.
Swara: You know, I saw my mom getting hurt from my dad. I remember how he used to beat her and she would just cry in that marriage. He would make her work and by her money, he will drink all the time. He used to beat me too but I never stayed quiet. I couldn’t see my mom like that. I was just 10 at that time and Ragini doesn’t even remember this because she was a lot younger at that time. Then, I decided that I would never marry anyone else and never love anyone too. Because it’s only love who is the root of all these problems. It’s not just my mom; my cousin also went through this. She loved someone and married him but he betrayed her and took all of her money and ran away. At that time, I decided that I would not let anyone control my life.

By this time, she had tears in his eyes and her head was on his shoulders. He had tears in his eyes too but he stopped them to come out.
She started crying and they both were hugging each other.
Swara: You will never betray me, right?
Sanskar: Never.
She looked up and he looked down. She pulled him down and was about to kiss when Sanskar pushed her again.
Swara: I think it will happen.
Sanskar: What?
Swara: Love.

Sanskar was shocked and asked what?
Swara: I think I am falling for you slowly and slowly.
She fell asleep in his arms and he got happy. He just started at her and thought that “I think I’m falling for you too, Swara.”
He laid her down softly without disturbing her but when he tried to get up, she held on to her arms.
Swara: Please don’t leave me, Sanskar.
Sanskar slept on the same bed and at night, Swara came close to him and hugged him. While in sleep, Sanskar also put his arm down her head and got really close to her.

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