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The next day, Swara goes to her office and started doing work. As the days passed by, Swara and Sanskar became good friends. Sanskar stopped her from calling him sir and they were getting along well.
Sanskar: Swara, we have a party tomorrow in our clients’ company and he called us to be there. As you know, you are the in charge of this project so you had to come with me.
Swara: Okay, Sanskar.
Sanskar: I will pick you up from your house tomorrow at 7. So be ready.
Swara nodded and went back to her cabin. It was Sunday so they all were home. Swara told Sumi about the party that night and Sumi got excited to see their closeness.
Swara: Mom, get out from your dreams. There is nothing between us.
Sumi: Okay, go get ready.
Swara went to her room and started searching for an appropriate dress. Then, she remembered the dress that Ragini got for her. It was 5 already so she got ready quickly and made a bun with some bangs on her face with long black earrings and a diamond bracelet. Her dress was black and white so everything went with it really well. It was 7 already and she still had to put earrings in her ear. Suddenly, she heard a car horn.

Sumi: Beta, be quick. Sanskar is here.
Swara: Damn it. She came running outside while trying to put earrings in her ear. Sanskar was mesmerized with her beauty. She was looking really beautiful and Sanskar just couldn’t help but staring at her.
Swara got in the passenger seat and started apologizing. She didn’t give him time to speak up. He started the car engine and started driving while hearing her stupid talks. Swara realized that she was talking a lot and stopped talking.
Sanskar: Are you done talking?
Swara: Sorry.

Sanskar: By the way, you are looking beautiful.
Swara was shocked: Thanks. Even you are looking handsome.
They reached the venue. Sanskar got so busy in talking with his client that he forgot Swara was there too. Swara was a little mad at him and thought to just eat something. The party was going really nice when their client asked all the couples to dance. Suddenly, it stroked Sanskar that where is Swara? He got really tensed and started scolding himself about it. He found Swara who was talking to some other ladies. Her eyes stopped at Sanskar who asked sorry through his eyes but Swara ignored him. She went to Sanskar and stood by him.
Swara: It’s so not fair.

Sanskar: What’s not fair?
Swara: You forgot that I was here too with you but you ignored me and after an hour, you realized that I was here too.
Sanskar: But didn’t you just forgive me?
Swara: I’m just kidding.
A girl came up to Sanskar and asked him for a dance. He looked back at Swara and she nodded. He went with that girl and started dancing with her. Swara got a little uncomfortable seeing them dance so she turned and went to get something to drink. A handsome guy came up to her and asked her for dance but she denied it. He again asked her with a puppy face and she agreed.
They both were dancing and started talking to each. She found out that his name is Rahul and he was pretty funny. She was laughing while dancing. They became good friends and Sanskar was a little jealous seeing it.
Sanskar: excuse me.

He broke off his dance and went to Swara.
Sanskar: May I?
Rahul: Sure.
He kissed Swara’s hands and Swara smiled. Sanskar took Swara’s hands and started dancing with her.
Swara: So are you done dancing with that girl?
Sanskar: Are you jealous?
Swara: No because I know she is not your type of girl.
Sanskar: How do you know that?
Swara: I saw how she was getting closer to you. It was just a dance and she became so friendly with you. Yuck.
She made a face and Sanskar laughed.
Swara: Why are you laughing?

Sanskar: Because I can see that you were getting jealous.
Swara: Like you were not?
Sanskar: What, me? From who?
Swara: From Rahul?
Sanskar: No way. Why would I?
They didn’t notice that they were dancing with each other so romantically. They were so close and were about to kiss when Swara broke it in the middle.
Swara: I need something to drink.
Sanskar was embarrassed too and said he too needed a drink.
Swara got a soft drink where Sanskar got alcohol.
Sanskar: Try alcohol too today.
Swara: I can’t because it influences me so much that I just can’t control myself.
Sanskar raised his eyebrows because he didn’t understand.
Swara: Forget it.

Precap – Swara’s drama

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