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On Monday morning, Swara didn’t want to face Sanskar after what happened on Saturday. Sumi understood what she was thinking about and wanted to assure her but thought to leave her alone as she has to do her stuff by her own after marriage. Thinking this, she got a little emotional and left for her office.

Swara was driving her car while talking to herself all the way to the office. She parked her car and goes to her cabin. She started talking to herself again that she should divert her mind from this family situations and concentrate on her work. She was walking here and there with the pen in her hands and pointing at something like she was instructing someone but doing it to herself. Sanskar was watching her with a confused expression that what she was doing?
Sanskar: She is so childish. Anyway.
He called her cabin and asked her to bring the file that she had to work on during the weekend. She was a little nervous as to how to face him.

Swara: He is my boss at work and to be husband at home.
She was surprised at what she just said.
Swara: He is not going to be your husband till next year and you have to stop thinking about him. You will not love anyone because love destroys and ruins everything nothing else. Now go to his cabin and be professional.
Swara knocked the door and he permitted her to come in.
Sanskar: So did you finish the file?
Swara: Yes, sir. Here it is.

Sanskar: Sit.
He started looking at the file carefully and Swara was looking here and there thinking trying to divert stupid thoughts.
Sanskar: What is this, Swara? You accidently put this paper here. This belongs to other company’s file.
Swara was a little boggled at what she did and now, Sanskar will find a way to taunt her. She looked at it and said that it is in the right place.
Sanskar: Thank God, you have still focus left in your work.
Swara: What the hell? I am focusing on my work.

Sanskar: Oh really? Every time I see you, you are just talking to yourself.
Swara: That’s my habit, whenever I am nervous I talk to myself. Wait, why are you looking at me?
Sanskar didn’t know what to say and Swara was embarrassed by her own question. She made an excuse and left his cabin. She went back to her cabin and started doing her work. She was trying really hard to not to talk to herself but she couldn’t help it. To ease this tension, she put her head down. Her friends called her and asked her to accompany them at night in the club. She agreed because she wanted to distract herself from all these tensions.
In the evening, Laksh forced Sanskar to come with him to the club today, as it’s been a long time since they enjoyed together. Sanskar agreed and got ready. On the other hand, Swara got ready in her short dress when her friends picked her up.
Sarah: So what’s new? We haven’t seen you for so long.

Swara: Nothing yaar, actually I got a job and my boss is really strict and arrogant so I have to finish my work on time. There is one thing more but before promise me that you guys will not over react.
Pari: Okay. Promise.
Swara: I got a marriage proposal and mom forced me to accept it.
Everyone was just keep looking at her not saying anything.
Swara pointing at their faces: See, that’s why, I was not telling you anything.
Everyone in unison: Sorry.
Sarah: But you said that you would not love anyone so that he doesn’t break your heart.
Swara: Mom’s emotional drama as usual.

Everyone laughed at this.
Sarah: So let’s raise a toast for her marriage.
Swara: I hate you guys so much. Here, I am in tension and you guys are busy drinking.
Pari: Are you hiding something else from us? I am pretty sure.
Swara: Nothing.
Sarah: We will not talk to you now. Now you start hiding things from us too?
Swara: Nothing. Actually the guy who I am going to marry is my boss. This is why; it’s hard to face him every day.

Pari: No way. Don’t tell me that he is old too.
Swara: He is not old; he’s just 2 year older than me.
Sarah: Someone is getting really protective towards someone.
Swara: Shut up, guys. I am here to enjoy not talking about my problems.
She drank the whole glass in one gulp. They all talked about things that were recently happening in their lives. On the other hand, Sanskar and Laksh were enjoying each other’s company. Suddenly Laksh saw Swara and asked Sanskar if he is right.
Sanskar: Yeah, she is Swara. So?

Laksh: Let’s go talk to her.
Sanskar: How about let’s not go to her? Remember it’s only our night and also she is enjoying with her friends. Let her be and we will enjoy each other’s company.
Laksh didn’t hear another word and forced him to come with him. They both went to Swara who had her back towards them. Laksh tapped her shoulder and when she turned, she got shocked seeing them. She had drink in her mouth which she didn’t drank it in, by seeing them she burst out all the drink on Sanskar’s clothes. This shocked Sanskar and everyone else busted out laughing even Laksh.
Swara got really nervous and took the napkins from the table and started cleaning his shirt while saying sorry again and again. Sanskar was keep staring at her, as she was looking really beautiful in this short dress.
Sanskar: It’s okay.

Then, Swara started scolding herself in low voice, which was audible to Sanskar. She was cleaning his shirt when he came close to her. She got shocked and a little nervous; he came closer to her ear.
Sanskar in low tune: Can’t you stop talking to yourself?
Swara was silent for so long and after, she said sorry again.
Laksh: Hi beautiful ladies.
Sarah: Who are you?
To this, Swara and Sanskar started laughing. Swara put her hands on his shoulder and said that he is Sanskar sir’s brother.
Pari: And who is Sanskar sir?

They were so confused as they didn’t see him before.
Swara: My boss.
Sarah: So he is your boss and your almost fiancé who is strict and arro…
Swara gave her look saying please don’t tell him. Sanskar was confused seeing Swara’s reaction and asked Pari what was she about to say?
Pari: Nothing. So you are our Jiju.
Swara hit her shoulder with her hand and apologized to Sanskar. This embarrassed Sanskar so much that there was nothing left for him to say. Laksh started talking with Swara’s friends, which left Swara and Sanskar with each other. They didn’t know what to talk about so they just looked at them talking. Sarah understood Swara’s awkwardness so she broke off their conversation and said that it is getting late. Swara thanked her and said bye to Laksh and Sanskar.
Swara: I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye Laksh.
Laksh: Bye Swara Bhabhi.

Swara: Laksh, stop calling me that.
Laksh: I will not, Bhabhi.
Swara started running behind him and to escape, he hid himself behind Sanskar. Swara was trying to catch and suddenly she realized that she was really close to Sanskar. They both had an eye lock with the same song in the background. Laksh coughed and Pari pulled Swara to their car.
Swara yelled: Laksh, I’ll see you some other day. She winked at him and Laksh winked at her back. Sanskar looked at him angrily.
Sanskar: Stop calling her Bhabhi. She is not your Bhabhi.
Laksh: It’s our matter; you should stay away from it.
They both enjoyed the rest of the night and went back home. Swara was remembering all the moments happened between them and Sanskar was thinking the same thing. They both went to sleep.

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