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In the evening, Sanskar and his whole family came to GG house. They all greeted each other and AP praised their house and the decorations they did for their welcome. Swara was getting ready; she heard their voices so she hurried. She looked really beautiful with her hair in a side messy braid. Ragini asked her to come down and at the same time, Sanskar got a call from his office so he excused himself and went outside to hear it. Meanwhile, Swara took everyone’s blessings and asked Sumi to come with her for a second.
Swara: Mom, what is all this?
Sumi: What?
Swara: Are they here for my marriage proposal?
Sumi: Yes. How did you like the surprise?
Swara: I hated it. Mom, how can you do this to me? You should have given me at least a month before doing all this.
Sumi: Yeah, Swara. I was mad to think that you will understand me but…
Swara: Mom, stop this all melodrama of yours.
Nani called them outside so that Swara can meet the boy. Swara was totally in shock when she saw Sanskar in front of her. Sumi gave her a look like how did she like her surprise. Now, Swara was really mad at her and Ragini understood what was going to happen so she asked them to have snacks while she and Swara get some drinks for them. Sanskar was a little embarrassed by his surroundings so he pretended to be busy on phone. Everyone was happy and these two families got along with each other really well. They all had dinner and Laksh was continuously talking with Swara and she was also happy with the company of Laksh. On the other side, Ragini and Sanskar got mixed up well.
DP: We really like your daughter, Swara and we wish her to come to our house as soon as possible. If Swara and Sanskar don’t have any problem with this alliance, then I would like to take this friendship a step ahead.

They all looked at both of them and both of them looked at each other. Sumi asked both of them to talk to each other in private. Everyone agreed and Swara took Sanskar to terrace. They both were in a complete silence when Swara couldn’t take it anymore.
Swara: Do you know about this before?
Sanskar: Yeah, why? You didn’t?
Swara: I will kill them today.
Sanskar: So what do you think?
There was a complete silence when both of them spoke in unison that they are not ready for marriage yet. They both got happy with it.
Swara: I can’t let you control my life.
Sanskar: Same, I don’t want you to snatch my space from me.
They both realized what they just said.
Swara: So it is clear that we don’t want this marriage. What should we do now? If we denied this relationship, then they will find another person to tie us with. Who knows if he or she would be ready for this or not?
Sanskar agreed: So we should just accept this relationship and will then live as friends forever.
They both shook hands and got happy.
Swara: By the way, the file is ready if you want to take it.
Sanskar: Its okay, I will take it on Monday.
Swara: One more thing, we should not inform this in the office.
Sanskar: That is true. So shall we go?
They both went downstairs and got awkward because everyone was just staring at them. They both said yes for this relationship and everyone put sweets in each other’s mouth.
After a little while, everyone left. But Sanskar forgot his phone and he realized this when he got home so he asked his dad can he go back to her house to get it and he gave his permission to him.
Swara changed to her shorts and tank top. She was really mad at all of them that they didn’t tell her anything about it. She was running behind them with the stick and everyone got really scared of her. Ragini was teasing her and Swara was getting so mad.

Somebody rang the bell and the servant opened the door. He asked him to come in and when he went to the living room, he saw all this drama. He was smiling at her childish behavior. Swara was running and she got tired so she rested for a little while. She had a back on him and everyone was shocked to see him. He stood there with his hands folded. Swara was confused that at what they are looking at. She turned back and suddenly her foot strangled with the stick and she fell but Sanskar held her in time. They both had a beautiful and long eye lock with the same song in the background and everyone else left them alone. They all were happy that they chose the best guy for their daughter.
They both realized and composed themselves. Her beauty mesmerized him, even though she had a bun and was wearing shorts; she was really looking pretty.
Swara: Sir, you and here. Again.
She was embarrassed by how she was looking but she didn’t care.
Sanskar: Actually, I forgot my phone here and came back to get it. Sorry if I disturbed you guys.
Swara: No, it’s okay. You can come here anytime; after all it’s your house too.
Then she realized at what she said and hit her head with her hand. Sanskar smiled awkwardly.
Swara: Do you remember where you left it?
Sanskar: Can you call me?
Swara got her phone and gave it to him. He dialed his number but he saw that she saved his number as Rakshas. He looked at her and she understood so she snatched the phone from him and they found it to be on the couch. He got it and left after saying Good Night. They both smiled but afterwards, scolded themselves for thinking like this as usual. They were happy anyway.

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