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OH MY GOD!!! I seriously thought that I would get like 3 comments or less and those comments would be criticizing me for this shitty intro. However, I got 22 comments and I was like wtf. I am so grateful that you guys appreciated it. I am so happy. Thank you so much and I love you guys. Hope you like this 1st episode…

“How can he break up with me? I can not understand the problem with these boys – first they behave like a pure gentleman to get a girlfriend and then when the girl agrees, they behave bossy. Don’t wear this or don’t eat like that or don’t sit like that. URGGGGGG!!” Swara put her hands on her forehead. She was really frustrated as Sahil just broke up with her without giving any reason.

“Well, he was not your type anyway.” Sanskar broke the silence and tried to comfort her but it didn’t work. Instead, it made Swara more angry on herself that how can she chose a guy like Sahil. He offered her a glass of water and sat down beside her.

“I am so tired of these relationships and these breakups.” Swara finally said but it made Sanskar break into fits of laughter. She glared at him and stood on top of him to beat him. “What’s so funny, you dumbass?”

“I am sorry but you always say that dialogue whenever you break up with someone.” Sanskar said it in between his laugh. Suddenly, they heard Sumi’s call for dinner. Both looked at each other and then ran towards the master chair of the dining table. This time Sanskar made it but when he was about to sit down, Swara grabbed the chair under him and slide it towards her. Sanskar fell down on his butt and cried “AHHHH!!! Swara I am gonna kill you. You moron.”

Sumi and Swara started laughing but Sumi suppressed her laughter and helped Sanskar to get up. “Why do you guys always fight with each other? Swara that was not nice. Ask sorry from him now.” Sumi ordered her but Swara being stubborn didn’t pay any heed to it.

“Forget it, Aunty. She is really egoistic.” He stuck out his tongue at her and then sat on a different chair. They all started eating dinner and chatting. This was the only time when Sumi and Swara get time to talk as Sumi used to be busy in her office the whole day.

After finishing dinner, Sanskar stood up and said “Ok aunty, I will leave now or else my mata ji will kill me for being so late.” He hugged Sumi and ran towards the door after pulling Swara’s hair.

“You idiot.” Swara screamed after him and Sumi broke into laughter. Swara look at her mom frustratedly and left to her room.

She went to her room and locked the door whereas Sumi started cleaning up the dishes. Swara remembered the good times with Sahil and his funny talks. Then she remembered his behavior towards her friends when he used to flirt with them in front of Swara.

(I do not want to drag this Sahil’s matter in this episode)

“Oh so you finally got time to give us a visit.” AP taunting after turning on the lights while Sanskar got scared. It was all dark and he thought that everyone would be sleeping but to his bad luck like usual, his mom didn’t sleep yet,

“Actually, mom that Swara was in a bad mood. She needed me today so I thought to pay her a visit and you know about Sumi aunty, she forced me to eat dinner there so I got late. I am sorry.” He said it in one breath and closed his eyes tightly expecting a slap from his mom.

I do not know what precap to give so guys bare with me (Btw I didn’t proofread this)… Next episode is in your way so be patient. Have a nice day guys!!!

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