hi guys! myself anshupriya. thanks a ton 2 everyone who commented. plz comment n giv suggestions.

new characters added-

laksh(namish taneja)- sanky’s younger bro n ap’s 3rd son.

rags(tejaswi prakash wayangankar)- laksh’s wife whom ap doesn’t like at all.

rajat(mohit abrol)- sanky n laksh’s frnd.

tanya(roop durgapal)- sanky laksh n rags frnd, shomi’s sister’s daughter n swara’s best frnd.

now story,

sunday, next day

raj- chachu plz take me 2 an ice cream parlour.

sanskar- ok my gud boy.

same time karthik took swara to buy some ration asked by sujata n do some shopping to a mall.


karthik saw 1 of his frndz so they started talking n told swara that by d time she can do her shopping on dis floor……. she just then spotted sanskar n started walking towards him. she saw a small boy along wid him n jst then a girl asked permission 2 sit on d chair beside him as there’re none chairs empty. she thanked him n pulled raj’s cheek while saying he’s so cute.

while swara thought raj as sanskar’s son n girll as his wife n he came wid them….. n she turned.

karthik came frm other direction n played pinch in frnt of her face n she came 2 reality.

karthik- wat happened 2 u?

swara- me ……………. nothing n nodded in a no.

he went 2 d grocery shop n she 2 a newspaper n magazine shop. (as she’s a news reporter so she has interest in all this.)

just then she saw sanskar’s photo in a cover page of a magazine n took it. she started reading it-

the heading was-

-(most shocking) “top 10 handsome single men of our city”

n 2 her surprise “sanskar maheshwari” at d top.

she started dancing in her mind……………….. she thought than who were they?

karthik came frm bck n tapped at her shoulder, she jerked n came 2 reality.

karthik- u r done / not? ok whatever come wid me. i m not getting some things according 2 badi ma’s choice so help me now n dragged her.

raj- i want 2 go 2 nearby park n play.

sanky- ok go.

raj ran n went there.

sanky thought his jst like u adarsh bhai makes every1 happy n cheerful.

mm, nxt mrng, every1 having bf

4 people frm door- surprise

ap- hmm………………… laksh, ragini, rajat, tanya u all here.

laksh- u r asking as if u r not happy seeing ur son here?

rags- laksh….. u

all take blessings frm her.

laksh sanky n rajat hug each other.

raglak- v came her on a vacation 2 enjoy our frnd’s marriage.

ap- means? wid a confused luk.

ranya (rajat n tanya)- v r getting married n 2morrow is d sangeet

sanky- wat a pleasant surprise n u all didn’t added me in d grp.

tanya- wat 2 do sanky u r single ist make ur own grp partner n then join us. she giggles n every1 laughs while he scratches his head n thinks partner is already decided only if she agrees if u don’t agree then also i’ll ,ake u agree miss swara bose no no no 2 be mrs swara sanskar maheshwari.

they’ve bf 2gether n talk 4 smtime while sanky’s lost in swara’s thoughts.

ranya leave n arrive at bm.


shomi welcomes n makes them sit n feels vry happy tanya came. she brings food n everything n arranges everything.

same thing happens here too.


bose family went earlier only 2 do arrangements after smtime ragsanlak also.

laksh- bro wich type of wife do u want?

sanky- she’ll be different frm crowd, she’ll be a real smile between 100 fake smiles n imagines her moments wid swara.

he was holding a video camera n recording n sees a girl doing dance practice frm back n gets mesmerized. sanky whispers i want her.

laksh- did u said anything? wid a confused luk

sanky- did u hear anything?

laksh- no.

sanky- then y r u asking stupid questions?

laksh- bhai see d girls r practicing well 4 d sangeet v’ll loose 2day.

girls hear this n come there.

sanky gets shocked 2 see swara as d girl n she 2………… they’ve eye contact n sanky asks swara not 2 open her mouth that she knows him. she agrees through eyes.

swara- so boys get ready 2 lose.

sanky- i think u made a mistake it’ll be d girls who should be ready 2 lose.

swara- whr in sangeet / in dreams all girls laugh

sanky- u know wat i always fulfill my dreams

swara- lets see.

rags- ok there will be a comp. between boys n girls not according 2 bride n groom ok n so i m coming 2 ur grp.

laksh- that’sn’t gud rags now v’ll def. lose

rags- that’s ur prob.

swarag giv hi5 n go…………………..his camera’s still on

laksh- ur camera has defect power isn’t getting off jokingly.

sanky sees swara smiles- even my eyes’ve same state.

laksh- bcoz of ur work take holidays bhai.

swara goes smwhr alone sanky follows her suddenly flowers fall over her sanky stares her jeena jeena plays in bg…………. sanky comes near 2 swara. they’ve an eyelock.

swara innocently- sanky

sanky lovingly- swara

swara- sanky

sanky comes bck 2 reality- thanks 4 saving me don’t say 2 any1 as i ‘ven’t told any1 abt dat day .

she nods n goes……………………… he dances in mind………………….. every1 comes in evng.

tanya comes n takes blessings frm ap- my god tanya ur luking so pretty.

tanya- thank u aunty!

her mother- wat abt ur 3rd dil ap ji?

ap- educated, frm gud family, i’ll find her.

her mother- here r many girls may b u’ll get ur 3rd bahu here.

sanky comes on stage n asks ranya 2 choose d winners after seeing their dance……………. swara comes on stage. he gets mesmerized 2 see her. she’s wearing pink n blue half saree wid golden border.

swara- sanky don’t worry they’ll decide d best only.

girls dance on …………………………………..


*precap: continuation of sangeet n other functions……………… whom do u want 2 b d winners???????

do comment..

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