Just a single moment changed our life….One shot..swaragini.


Hiii friends…
Here is a one shot..

Girls POV
For the first time in my life…iam feeling happy….Everything happened so fast that i couldn’t even say anything.But its good,if i had said anything then i might not be happy now…Here is my life’s journey from Ragini Gadodia to Ragini Laksh Maheswari,…oops..sorry Ragini sanskar Maheswari..,..

2 years before ..
I was deeply in love with a guy,who was the handsome hunk of our collage.I didn’t know his name at that time as always something will stop me from knowing it.
I never confessed my love for him.Even i didn’t know if he loves me or not.But he always used to save me ..at first ..when my enemies tried to insult me by pouring paint on me,he came infront of me and his face was covered with red paint.That made a crush for me in him.
Second,when a guy(senior) tried to misbehave with me,he slapped that guy n punched him.
Third,when we were having a party,my dress got torn.Actually i didn’t notice it.He took me aside and made me wear his coat.
There were many more situations where he saved me…Which made me fall for him completely…

But unfortunately,my family fixed my marriage with a guy..one Mr Laksh Maheswari.

In collage,i was searching for my saviour to say about my love for him.That was his last day in the collage as his final year classes were gonna finish that day,..I couldn’t find him anywhere…
1year completed..
Now,i completed my studies..n its my marriage today..Iam gonna become Ragini Laksh Maheswari…But still i love my savior…I can never forget him..A drop of tear fell from his eyes..

In mandap
I never saw Laksh Maheswari well.So i turned to his side to see him.But i couldn’t see him as his face is covered…
Now,he made me wear the mangalsutra…i was crying …but no one could see it as my face is covered ..Then he applied sindoor in the middle of my hairline.
He looked at me at that time.I could see his eyes ..Dont know why,he look shocked when i lifted my veil.He moved the jasmine layers from his face which made me too shocked.It was not Laksh Maheswari,it was my savior…i was so happy that i couldn’t even express it.Whole family was shocked to see him.At that time,Laksh Maheswari entered the door with a girl…I understood they are married as the girl is having mangasutra and sindoor…Laksh said that he loves that girl.Her name is swara..They are married.His brother,sanskar married me for saving him.
At that time only i got his name,Sanskar,Sanskar Maheswari..
Then Laksh said sorry to Sanskar for ruining his life.
Sanskar Maheswari said to laksh..laksh,you didn’t ruin my life..she is none other than my Ragini,my love,,..she is the one whom i love…
Yes,he loved me..i was on cloud nine,hearing it…After explaining for a long time..family accepted our marriage..
Today,me and sanskar are in Kashmir,celebrating our honeymoon..

Destiny made us one…Soulmates can never be separated…

Credit to: For You

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