I just simply love you! (Episode 2)


Episode 2

Thank you so much guys for ur comments and about the confusion it will slowly be unveiled.

Let’s move to our story. Guys I was telling u about some meeting which SWASAN were to attend , its actually a press meet wherein they have to share their love journey as they are selected as the most charming and cute couple of today’s generation whereas RAGLAK are selected as the most wanted couple of teen sensation.

Two BMW’s arrived out of nowhere and headed towards the parking lot, where after four years the two brothers met along with their wives. All emotions flung before their eyes as they saw each other. The reporters were ready to shoot a heated argument between the brothers but due to some reason they were quiet and entered the venue where they were supposed to face the young generation’s questions.
As they entered they were surrounded by reporters and teens for a selfie and formal handshakes . it was then they were freed when the editor himself made an announcement ,”that all your queries will be answered if u maintain some discipline”.

Editor: Welcome Mr and Mrs. Sanskaar Maheshwari and Mr and Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari.

To which both sanskaar and ragini objected saying , Can u plzz call us the Maheshwaris bcoz now we r one ,what say swara and laksh. At first Swara and Laksh were boggled by their statement but then nodded their head in agreement.

E: wow!!! That’s a miracle that u guys are one NOW, the Maheshwaris.

No Mr. said Swara and Laksh excitedly. We are the most naughty and highly demanded Maheshwaris what say ,u guys, pointing towards RAGSAN.

E; Ok ….So the old personalities are back. Now lets start with your stories. So who”s is first……
No we wil go simultaneously bcoz both storiesare related to each other deeply.

So Sanskaar started saying,
Ragini and Laksh knew each other from before due to business relations while I was studying in abroad. It so happened that one day both the companies that’s the Janaki Enterprises and Purna Industries suffered heavy losses and in order to recover them Dp Maheshwari and Shekar Gadodia teamed up and started Kina Industries which is today’s top most company named SRSL Companies Ltd.During that time both baba(shekar) , bade papa( Dp) and dad(rp) had to work day in and out to cover the losses and were unable to look after their family so the ladies decided to take care of the household and their children till they returned. And one more at that time ,Swara was staying with her granny in Kolkata, so she was also not there when these two paired up. Hehehehe, this two paired up. In childhood only they paired up, once again Sanky said with a naughty grin. Till now RagLak were lost in their own world so he was repeating the same line again . They came to sense on seeing everyone laughing while eyeing them. Its when they saw at Sanky who was smiling like idiot and understood what he said actually……. Sanky u r gone said Ragu and started hitting him….. Saali sahibai i think, now u should continue ur story or i…… If I continue then god knows what will happen to this hall…… Ragini understood what he meant and moved towards swara saying control ur hubby see he is pulling my leg infront of my hubby. To which both SanLak bursted into laughter along with the audience…..
And the meet ended as they were all shocked to see the four together after years and freed them for their day ahead.

SM Mansion & LM Mansion:
Shocked, unbelievable, imposibble expressions were given by everyone. How these four got mingled with each other after that day? Was the only question they wanted to ask their children… But they wee happy for their children… Their precious moments were disturbed by a well known voice …

SM Mansion:
Ji…..see our children have forgotten all that happened years ago and now are together laughing on their stupid yet right decisions. Yeh toh hona hi tha Annapurna, akhir who bhai hi kaise joh zhagde na aur phil gale lage. It was going to happen someday so why not today ,said Uttara.
Dp and Ap were happy to see their daughter at the door with a big smile on her face. Chalo Bade Papa aur Badimaa hume jaldi nikalna hoga, bhaiya aur Bhabhi Pochne hi wale honge .
Who is coming and where are we going?? asked a surprised Ap. To which Uttara said, “THE MAHESHWARI MANSION”. Both Ap and Dp had tears of happiness on hearing their ancestral mansion name and eagerly left for packing and soon moved out of SM Mansion to never return back .

LM Mansion:
Same happened with Suju and Rp when Sahil broke the news to them that we are heading towards the Maheshwari Mansion. Excitedly everyone stepped out of the LM Mansion like never to return here and started for MM.

(Here Uttara and Sahil are married and that there in team with the youngsters to make their family one. But the mission is still impossible without our Pari and Adarsh and also the long lost Gadodia family.)

Swara : Guys, isn’t today a big day for all of us . Today we four are together and our family will also be happy but….And she started crying…
Ragini: Awwww!!!! Mera bachha don’t cry see we have got our elders together and soon we will get Pari bhabhi and Adarsh bhaiyaa too . Suddenly she too stopped explaining and tears started flowing from her eyes
which were noticed by SanLak and they said, ‘We know u guys are said bcoz still we don’t have any news about ur family members. It isn’t so that they won’t be found they will be there in front of u before our press meets end ‘.Saying this both SanLak consoled their respective wives and started moving towards MM.

They think we forgot them but we die seeing them away from each other. But today they are together so now it will be better if I die. No , now no more negative thoughts, said Sumi. Today our children have come together and they will be searching us in every nook and corner of the city. So its better we should go and meet them. No, said an angry Shekar , until they come here and seek forgiveness we are not forgiving them. Bcoz of their stupid love decisions we lost our respect in the city. And now no more insult…. Saying this he left the place. Sumi prayed to god, to keep her children like this together and send them soon to usss.

So, how was the episode??? I know there are many questions in ur mind but I promise they will be cleared ahead.

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