I just simply love you!!!! Character sketch


Character sketch:
SWARA: A bubbly, chirpy yet grounded to her thoughts. Loves to help others bcoz of which she falls in every problem.
SANSKAAR: A handsome , fair play and bossy guy yet over protective when it comes to SWARA, his bestie.
RAGINI: Totally opposite to SWARA.
LAKSH: Flirty yet charming personality.
These are the main four or should say lead pairs . Now just help me in pairing them i.e. should I continue with SWASAN or RAGLAK as the leading pair????

It goes such that there’s a girl who just loves to help others and in that process falls in one or other prob. Then everytime one guy comes to her rescue, God knows how!! Then have fallen for each other since long back and are just ignoring their inner feelings.
The second pair goes such that they know each other well before due to families. But something is different over here that’s the guy here loves the girl but the girl loves the other guy.

Ufffff!!!! If I write something more then u will get the whole story??
So do reply??

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  1. Rosey

    plz swasan

    1. Sonakshimalhotra98

      Thanks Rosey…. And it will be a SWASAN fanfic too.

  2. Plz make ragsan as pair plzzzzz

    1. Sonakshimalhotra98

      Yeah it will be a RAGLAK fanfic too

  3. nice..swasan raglak..

  4. Nice nd plzz continue with swasan and raglak

  5. Please swasan and raglak

  6. Awesome introoo…bt plz gve proper chatecter sketch of ragini dear plz !!!!n about pairng u cn keep raglak or ragsan ,ur wish dear…bt i thnk raglak r more preferrable in dis story… n post d episode soon dear..keep rockng 😉 😉

  7. Tamanna

    Nice plot… Make it on swasan and raglak….

  8. Mica

    of course swasan raglak from my side

  9. Sreevijayan

    Nice plot dear..i dnt mind any pairs

  10. Sonakshimalhotra98

    Thanks for your valuable comments. This one is going to be a SWASAN & RAGLAK fanfic. Bcoz I love both our heroes and heroines???. Both the pairs are cute and adorable in their own way. What say guys???? Aur agar kisiko aapna kuch special moment add karna ho toh u can suggest. Suggestions are whole heartily accepted???

  11. Shana98

    Raglak plzzz

  12. Swasan raglak

  13. Vyshu10

    nice….swasan plz

  14. nice swasan plz

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