Just say I love you S01:E17- E20, Last Update till the epilogue

Chapter 17
The next day Sanskar and Swara were in Manik’s clinic. Manik slowly hynotized Swara and brought out Ragini.
“Ragini, were do you stay?”
“Hey doctor, how dare you ask this?”, demanded Swara.
“You can call me Manik.” Manik corrected.
“Listen Dockie, I am not that timid Swara to accept everything you say. Got it? I will be whom I Am.”, cleared Ragini.
Manik was surprised by how valiant she was.

“Do not try to enact as if you know nothing. “ She continued as she played with her hair.
“No Ragini. I do not know anything about it”, Manik tried to keep his voice low.
“I stayed in the house, opposite to Sanskar’s flat. I mean your current house.”
“Why did you choose that house in particular?”
“I loathed staying with Swara. Plus, I was not able to place my perfumes, wallet, bags or cosmetics anywhere in her room. That idiot, Swara, whenever she saw my cosmetics, kept it inside, wondering to whom it belonged to. She never knew it was mine; because she never knew me.” She paused as she twisted her hair strand.
“The house keys were always with Swara. I used it. I used the house mostly in the night. I imagined myself as Sanskar’s neighbour. His room was visible from the house. I used to keep staring at his room the whole night. ” as Ragini spoke, Sanskar could relate to the silhouette he saw in Kamini Aunt’s house.
“You use heavy cosmetics and luxurious accessories?”, inquired Manik. Sanskar wondered how this question would relate to the current situation.

“Of course , yes. Sanskar loves people who take care of themselves well. I always use only branded products that are posh”, replied Ragini. Sanskar could now recollect what he spoke to Uttara.
“How can someone care for others, when they don’t care for themselves?”, the conversation ran in his mind. He was stunned.
“What do you do for funds?”, asked Manik.
“Simple, I use Swara’s jewellery and mortgage them”, Ragini laughed.
Sanskar could connect the dots now and why Manik brought this topic up.
“Doc, there is an additional benefit in this. You know? At the end of the day, I was Swara who would get caught, because I specifically chose Sanskar’s gifts for her. “, she laughed loudly.
“I thought it all began to impress Sanskar, Am I right? Why did you start hating Swara?”
“Hell Yes. Initially it was just to impress Sanskar and make him love me, but it all began one fine day. The day I spoke to Sanskar”, Ragini paused.
“You have spoken to Sanskar?”, interrogated Manik.
“Yup. Just one day. I told him that his wife was stupid. I also told him about how he looked. He ignored me completely. “

Sanskar was able to recollect what Swara spoke to him one fine day. “You look like a Greek god. Men with such godliness are often matched to stupid woman.” She had applied heavy dark mascara on her eyes. She looked strange. Sanskar was in no mood to understand or interpret the difference. He ignored and walked away.
“I slowly started doing things which would deepen the rift between Sanskar and Swara. I meticulously planned in such a way, that Swara got caught for all that I did. Once I even tried to destroy one of the important office stuff. My bad luck, Sanskar’s sister saw it. In fear of getting noted, I had to just crumble it and walk away. “ Ragini ‘s speech hastened.
“It was obvious Doctor. I know my Sanskar. He is a man of ethics. Would he ever love or marry another woman when his wife is around. He would not. I initially reckoned that deepening the rift would bring us close. As I worked out , I realized it was only by removing Swara once for all, I could get close to Sanskar.”, Ragini paused.

“My hatred for her grew rapidly.it was just few days back, Sanskar was furious when he came to know about the jewellery. He hit her hard. Swara wept continuously. I was not able to stand Swara’s insanity anymore. I thought it was the right time to kill Swara. It would be surely misinterpreted for a suicide. Swara would be gone, I would be safe and Sanskar would be mine. I took a knife and cut her wrist hard. I cut her left wrist so that people would believe it was a suicide. My misfortune, Sanskar entered at the right time. But I would not leave her back in comfort. I want my Sanskar. She is the one in between us. I will kill her. I will make her suffer” Ragini was violent and loud.

Manik shook her hard. She fell back into the chair.
Sanskar and Manik discussed in private.
“The longest session!”, Manik exclaimed. “By now all the dots could be connected. Why Swara felt that someone was moving around in the house, where the jewellery went and why Ragini thought Swara was to be blamed. But the only thing that worries me is her intention to kill Swara. It might come up any time again. Ragini is a stronger alter. Swara is much of a timid soul accommodating this violent alter. Ragini can easily take over Swara any time, which implies Swara life is threatened. “, Manik spoke in a saddened tone.
He looked at Sanskar. His face showed fear and determination at the same time.
“It is all in your hands Sanskar”, exclaimed Manik.
Sanskar stood up to take Swara home. He devised a plan in his mind.
Chapter 18
It was half past seven. Couple of days had passed by since the last session with Manik was over. The bright aurora lightened up the city. Sanskar was fast asleep. His mind had been either racing or worried or terrified since he came to know about Swara’s trauma and the truth in his past. Sanskar was awake the whole night just to make sure Swara slept well. He thought of getting some sleep in the morning.

Sanskar’s sleep was disturbed by a song. He first thought it was some mumbling sound. Later the sound was predominant. He woke up, terrified. Was it Ragini? Is she singing some hindi song? Had she taken over again? , Sanskar’s mind raised so many questions. He rushed into the kitchen. Swara was there cutting vegetables. He was not sure how to check on her. He could not see her face. He touched her shoulders. She turned. Sanskar let out a sigh of relief. It was his Innocent Swara.
“Sanskar! Good morning “, Swara smiled.
Sanskar smiled back weakly, searching for something around.
“What are you looking for?”
“Do you hear a song.”
“Yes , Of course. That is your mobile. It has been ringing for a long time. “
Sanskar came running to the couch. He turned his mobile off, held his head and sank into the couch.
There was gentle pat on his shoulder.

“I know you do not prefer, me doing this for you. But just this time, have this coffee. You look drained. This will help you”, Swara extended his coffee mug.
Sanskar got the mug and placed it on the table.
Swara assumed he was not interested. She turned to leave. She suddenly sensed she was being held at her wrist. She turned in surprise. Sanskar was holding her hand. She was stunned.
“Sit”, Sanskar pointed to the couch. She obliged.
He looked directly into her eyes. He held her hand close to him. His sudden touches sent shock waves through her. She looked down. “Swara”, Sanskar called.
His next move startled her.
As he held her hands, he slowly knelt down before her. Swara was sitting on the couch, while Sanskar knelt on the floor. His face was close to her lap.
He slowly rested his head on her lap. Swara was befuddled. Slowly she felt wetness spreading over her Kurtha. She raised his head in dismay.

Sanskar was crying. Tears rolled down his cheeks.
Swara froze for a moment. “Sanskar?” , she called.
She slowly lifted his head off her lap and sat down on the floor beside him.
“Swara”, Sanskar’s voice break.
She had an urge to brush away the hair that fell on his forehead. She was not sure how would he react to her touch. She just looked at him, directly into his eyes.
Her eyes looked like an oasis of love. She had undergone so much in the past couple of days. Sleep inducing injection, repeated hypnosis. Still she managed to show him love, just her purest love.
Sanskar slowly took her hands. He took her hands to his face. He rested his cheeks on her palm. He felt her warmth. Her hands gave him comfort.
“Swara”, he called again.
“ I….”, Sanskar dragged.
Swara was still not sure how to react to Sanskar’s sudden change.
“Swara, I…” Sanskar was still fumbling for words.
“Swara, I am going to tell you something important.”, Sanskar finally gathered his strength to speak.
Swara did not speak. She looked at him with avidity.
“Swara, how shoddy have I been to you since our wedding? Will you forgive me?” , he asked.
Swara was still looking at him, without changing her expressions.

There was a long pause.
“Swara, Sorry is not a word for all that I have done to you.”, he held her hand tight and continued to speak about Lakshh, how he was deluded that It was Adarsh who pushed and how he came to know the truth from Manik.
“I thought, I had been penalizing you and Adarsh, by trying to completely ignore you.” Sanskar held his head with his left hand. “But , in reality I have been fooling around myself. Ignoring you, hurting you.” he hit his head hard with his hand, weeping.
Swara held his hand tight, preventing further movement. The cut in her wrist hurt her. She did not bother to mind it, at least now. She slowly moved closer to Sanskar.
“You stopped loving me just because you were misled? You ignored me, just because you thought my brother killed Lakshh?”, Swara asked.
Sanskar nodded in discomfiture.
“Nothing in me made you hate me?”, Swara asked.
Sanskar brought Swara’s hand close. He rested his head on her hands and shook his head “No” .
“Will you forgive me for my sacrilege? “, asked Sanskar helplessly.
Swara was silent. Sanskar slowly raised his head to look at her face. She was sitting still, tears rolling down. She looked at him closely. Her eyes asked immense questions to Sanskar. Sanskar did not have answer for any. He just had one answer ‘ Sorry’. Sanskar was not sure how relevant that answer was.
Swara slowly withdrew her hand from Sanskar’s grip. She covered her face and cried. Sanskar waited patiently beside her , waiting for her to look at him.

She looked at him with her tear stained eyes. She slowly held his shirt. She tightened her grip. She shook him hard.
“How dare you do it? How dare you do it? If you believed it was Adarsh, you should have spoken to him, accused him or punished him. Why did you leave my love at stake?, Swara was crying heavily.
As she cried she slowly rested her head on his chest. ”Can you imagine how hard it was for me?”, she asked. Sanskar did not have an answer.
Swara looked down. Her tears blurred her vision. Sanskar slowly turned her head towards him. He wiped her tears and pulled her closer to him. With utmost reluctance he braced her softly. Swara wept vigorously as Sanskar hugged her. She hugged him tight. Sanskar rested his head on her’s.
“I really do not know If I can ask this, but will you forgive me? “, asked Sanskar.
Swara tried to tell something, when the calling bell rang. Swara turned towards the door.
“Wait, let me see who it is “, spoke Swara, as she wiped off her tears.
As Swara opened the door, she stood there, in utter shock.
Chapter – 19
“Adarsh?”, Swara exclaimed in ecstasy.
She did not allow him to enter. She hugged him before he could enter the house. Adarsh patted his loving sister. He hugged her tight.
Adarsh looked at her. he was not surprised. Her droopy eyes and band-aided wrist did not give him a shock. Sanskar had met Adarsh and apologized for all his mistakes. Sanskar also made sure he revealed about Swara’s disorder and Adarsh had to meet definitely.
Adarsh’s mind ran the conversation they had last evening.
“I am sorry for all my mistakes Adarsh”
“You need not apologize to me. Don’t you remember how I begged you, not to ruin my sister’s life? But what have you done to her? Will we get our Swara back? What if she kills herself?”, Adarsh was furious.
“I am sincerely working towards curing her Adarsh. Your visit will help me a lot. If you had really forgiven me, please come home tomorrow. If you feel I am not worth it, you can definitely let me know. I will make sure you meet Swara in a common place.”, Sanskar left with a sad note.
Adarsh, as he patted her sister looked at Sanskar who was standing beside. When Swara released Adarsh from her hug, he slowly walked towards Sanskar.
Sanskar smiled at him, reiterating the last sentence he spoke. Adarsh gave a tight hug. Sanskar who did not anticipate the force, lost balance and fell on the couch. Adarsh fell on top of him. Sanskar was still holding Adarsh strong.
“Leave me. If you are so much fond of me, you could approach me in private. But right in the daylight, right under your wife’s nose, this is atrocious. You might be this kind of a person. But I am straight. I would marry a girl and have relationship with a girl only”, mocked Adarsh, as he stressed on the last words.

“Hah, you idiot. Don’t blemish my prospectus in front of my wife. “, Sanskar pushed Adarsh away as he adjusted his T-shirt.
Swara had tears of happiness.
Sanskar and Adarsh spoke about so many things throughout the day. They planned for a dinner at a famous restaurant that night.
Adarsh hesitantly asked about Suresh. “Sanskar, did you meet him after knowing all this?”, asked Adarsh.
“I learnt one thing, Adarsh. Punishments do not stop crime. I thought I was wise my punishing the innocent. It has back fired now. There is of no use. I am just trying to forget him completely.”, replied Sanskar.
As they had their dinner, Swara saw the hotel staffs approaching with a bouquet towards table. She suddenly wondered if it was Adarsh or Sanskar’s birthday. She was sure it was neither.
As the hotel staff handed it over to Sanskar, he rose from his chair, knelt down and extended it towards Swara. Sanskar’s action left Swara totally flabbergasted. She blushed. She tried to hide her cheeks reddening, which made it more obvious. She beautifully accepted the flowers and Sanskar’s proposal, for the second time.
Sanskar’s question was answered now. She had forgiven him. She had accepted his love , again.
The dinner ended on a happy note.

Adarsh bade a bye and left for his home.
Sanskar and Swara reached home. Sanskar felt relaxed and satisfied. He laid on the sofa, arching his body. He saw Swara walking towards her room. Few minutes passed by. There was still no sign of Swara. He was about to get up and check on her, when the door knob clicked. As Swara walked out of the room in her casuals, she looked at Sanskar and smiled; the same sweet smile. Sanskar smiled back and closed his eyes.
All of a sudden Sanskar heard someone mumbling a hindi song. He was alarmed. He rose to his feet and walked fast to kitchen. Swara was doing the dishes.
“Swara”, Sanskar called softly.
She turned her head swift and sharp. Her eyes showed rage. It was Ragini. Ragini had taken over now.
“So, looks like you are falling for her again”, Ragini spoke as her nostrils flared in fury.
“Yes”, came in Sanskar’s stern reply.
She turned her head away.
“What the hell did she do to regain your love again?”
“She loved me unconditionally. She waited for me patiently. She never complained about it. If she had spoken about my attitude towards her to either of the families, my position would have been exacerbated. She thrived to shield me and endangered her life to a monster like you”, Sanskar shouted.
”So I have started looking like a monster for you?”, Ragini gritted her teeth.
“Yes. You are a monster. You had hurt my love. Anything or anybody who hurts my Love, My Swara, is a monster to me”, Sanskar replied in fury.
“You ignorant fool. Why are falling for her again. I will give you anything you want. “
“No You cannot. You cannot give me love when I ignore you, But my Swara can. “
“I can give you much more, Sanskar. Please try to understand.”

“Listen, Ragini.” Sanskar was surprised how spontaneously he addressed her with the Alter’s name. He wanted to see them different because, he wanted to eradicate the need for Ragini from Swara’s mind. Sanskar continued to speak, “There could be no one in this world who will love me as deep as Swara. Such is her Love for me. Her love is the biggest. Her love for me is the purest. There is no other form of Love which is greater than hers. Even if it exists, I do not need it. I just need my Swara and her love. All for me. I am still not sure whether I deserve it, but I have taken all her love for me completely. There is no room for any other thing in my heart. My heart is already over flowing with the eternal love of my Swara.”
Ragini’s face turned red.
“You idiot. Why don’t you understand? Your Swara just saw you when she had already lived 17 years of her age. I was born for you. Why don’t you understand that? I molded every inch of mine just for you to like it. I had been living just for you. Your Swara has so many qualities in her which you hate. But look at me, I am a complete form of all your liking. Do you get it here? “, Ragini vigorously tapped Sanskar’s head.
“It was your entire fault, Ragini. You assumed more than what was needed. You are just a part of my Swara’s imagination. You do not exist in real. Even If you could, I do not need you. I already have my Swara. Of course she is a human being. She has her own positive and negatives. I love her that way. I love her as a whole. I love her more than anything.”
“More than me?”
“Of course.”, Sanskar smiled.
“So you love her more than me. So you do not need me ?”

“No I don’t.”
“I am living for you.”
“Sorry, I do not need you. You can get lost. Go to hell. I don’t care. But just get out of my Swara.”, Sanskar threw his arms in air, signaling Ragini to leave.
Ragini showed a paroxysm of fury. She took a crockpot which was placed nearby. She picked it up in her hand and flung at Sanskar. He escaped the hit. It fell on the floor scattering into numerous pieces. It created a tumultuous noise.
“Swara”, Sanskar shouted on top of his lungs and shook her hard.
Sanskar noticed her expressions change. His Swara was back. She was panting heavily. She looked at the floor. She swallowed hard.
“Sanskar. Sanskar. I .. I.. did something now. didn’t I?”, asked Swara in tantrum.
“Swara”, Sanskar tried to get her close.
“No. I could feel it. I was shouting. I threw something at you. Didn’t I?”, continued Swara.
“Swara, come to me first”, Sanskar extended his arms.
“I have lost my sense. That is why you have been taking me to Manik. Am I right?. Sanskar, please. Please let me know what’s wrong in me”, Swara wept.
He could not manage her. He felt it was the right time to talk to Manik again.
He dialed Manik’s number. He narrated about how he had confessed and made Adarsh and Swara meet. He also conveyed that Swara was now fully aware of what went wrong in her life. He also enlightened Manik that he had conveyed her love for Swara.
“Ragini appeared again after the proposal. She was violent. I made sure that I strongly conveyed about my love for Swara and how have I accepted her as a whole.”

“What happened then?”
“I made sure I brought back Swara to her conscience. But she sensed she did something weird. She is now demanding what is her problem.”
“That’s a good sign; Nothing to worry. Please come to my clinic. Swara is now ready to meet her Alter. Swara and Ragini are going to converse for the first time.”, said Manik and the line went dead.
Chapter 20
In next one hour’s time, around 11 in the night, Swara and Sanskar were in Manik’s clinic.
“Sorry to disturb you in this odd hour.”, Swara apologized.
“No problem. I just reached home when your husband called me. It is not at all a problem for me. Thanks for waiting for me.”, smiled Manik.
“Manik, May I know what is the issue with me? I behaved very weird at home today. My head is throbbing. What is wrong with me, Manik”, Swara’s tone saddened.

“I can tell you.”, Manik signaled Swara to join him in his room.
She was made to lie down on the cozy chair and he made her comfortable.
“Swara, you are suffering from Dissociative Identity disorder, in common terms, split personality disorder. “ Manik uttered and waited for Swara to react. She gave a blank expression. Manik ran through her story again; The cause and birth of Ragini and where they were now.
“Swara, to stop your mind from giving room for Ragini further, to stop Ragini coming again in your life, I want you to meet her now. “continued Manik.
Swara was bewildered. She was not able to understand how she would meet herself.
She was hypnotized.
“Swara?”, called Manik slowly.
“Yes Manik”, she replied in a feeble voice.
“Ragini, are you there?”, called Manik.
There was a long pause.
“Ragini, are you there”, called Manik again.
“Yes Doc, I am here. Still here alive, even after so many humiliations.”, scoffed Ragini. Manik was able to understand that still Ragini was not out of the conversation she and Sanskar had a couple of hours ago.
“Ragini, I want you to meet Swara”
“Hell with her”, replied Ragini.
“No Ragini. Please stop abusing her.”
“You stop commanding me.”
“Swara, are you there”, Manik spoke softly.
“Yes Manik”, replied Swara in a feeble voice.
“Now come on, say Hi to Ragini”, added Manik.
“Hi Ragini”, the feeble voice spoke.
There was a long pause.
“Ragini , are you there”, inquired Manik.
“Yes and Hi Swara”, replied Ragini.
“Ragini, I am sorry for what was happening around for the past few days. I apologize for the same.”spoke Swara.
Manik was happy how Swara’s sub conscience mind is talking to itself.
“Hell with it”, replied Ragini.
There was a sudden pause.

“Manik, I am talking to myself, ain’t I?”, asked Swara.
“Not really , Swara. One part of you is talking to the other.”, corrected Manik.
There was a long pause again.
“Ragini, I want you to understand that the need for you in Swara’s mind is now not there. “, Manik broke the silence.
“I knew that doc. Please do not re-iterate.”, replied Ragini.
“My Sanskar , my sweetest thing in this world, spat the words on my face. He told he does not need me anymore.” Ragini’s voice broke.
Manik looked at Sanskar. He showed him a thumb up.
“Yes Ragini. The need is now gone. Why don’t you leave Swara’s mind and let her live her life?”, Manik raised a question.
There was a long pause again.
“Ragini, are you with me?”, Manik asked again.
“Yes Doc. I am here. I was just thinking. I did not consider anything more important than my Sanskar. When I really know that there are no chances for him to love me anymore, I really feel I should leave. “, Ragini ‘s voice was now getting clearer without any fury.
“I really appreciate it, Ragini. So what do you really think about Swara now?”
“What do I have to think. Lucky little head. She took my Sanskar completely for herself. But that is ok. Sanskar found her love better than mine, Sanskar chose her. I love Sanskar. So I respect his choices. “, Ragini’s voice calmed down completely.
“So you have something to tell Swara?”
“Good luck. My Sanskar is yours now. Go, get some life at least now. “, Ragini smiled.
“Swara, why don’t you thank Ragini now?”, asked Manik.
“Sure, Manik. Ragini, I thank you very much for giving my life back to me. “

“Ok Girls. It is time for Ragini to leave. Why don’t you tell a Good bye?”, added Manik.
“Good bye Ragini”, Swara spoke first.
“Yeah, Good bye”, replied Ragini.
There was a long pause.
Swara was still under hypnosis. Her eyes were still closed.
“Ragini”, called Manik slowly.
There was no response.
“Ragini?”, Manik raised his voice a little. Swara was calm and comfortable. There was no change in her.
“Ragini”, Manik called for the final time. Swara was still lying straight.
Manik turned to Sanskar and smiled broadly. Sanskar’s eyes were moist. It was the tear of happiness, gratitude and of course a mammoth Victory.
Swara slowly opened her eyes. She saw Sanskar smiling.
Manik went close to her. “You are amazing.”, Manik smiled.
“How did it go , Manik”, asked Swara.
“Everything ended well. Now hurry up, go , go home. A whole new beautiful life is waiting for you.”, Manik urged Sanskar and Swara. Sanskar paid the bill and started his way back home along with Swara.

Sanskar saw Swara, as she slept peacefully. They were back home and due to her session, she dozed off sooner than what Sanskar thought.
Few of her hair strands fell on Sanskar’s face; he removed those and moved closer to her. He carefully placed her hand on his chest and closed his eyes, just to wake up for a beautiful life ahead.
Manik was still looking at the clock to turn 6. He dialed, Annapurna’s number.
“Hello, Son, Good morning”, she answered.
“Mom, I have some news for you.”
“I think it’s time to reconsider my marriage proposal. Why don’t you call up Gayathri’s parents and let them know that we would be visiting them soon?”
“Is it my son who is on the other side? I could not believe my own ears. What made you take this decision son? What made you re consider about the wedding which you had been postponing for so long?”
“One of my patient mom; She taught me what it is to love unconditionally. Her eyes, they had so much love. Blessed are people who receive such love. Divine, are people who show such love. Let me see, I could be blessed enough. If not, I would be happy to be divine , too.”, Manik spoke in a single breathe.

“Sure son, I will let you know after talking to them”, his mom assured and the line went dead.
She felt happy for her son. She blessed his son’s patient, who changed her son’s mind.

Few weeks later – Phuket, Thailand.
Sanskar and Swara were on their honeymoon. Swara was standing in front of the mirror, curling her hair strands with her left hand fingers. Sanskar came towards her and pulled her closer.
Their eyes met. Swara slowly craned her neck to reach his lips, exposing the impeccable fragrant skin.
“Remember, you asked to do it differently? and now you just want a simple kiss?”, demanded Sanskar.
“Go ahead”, blushed Swara.
He slowly traced down a line from her chin to the hollow of her throat with his fingers. He stopped there. He could feel the way Swara’s body responded to his touches.
He slowly sucked the air in the hollow of her throat. His lips were as cold as marble. Swara was almost only half conscious. Her body trembled. He tightened his grip around her waist to prevent her from losing the balance.
He traced back the same line up to her chin, but with his lips, the second time.

When their lips were just few centimeters apart, he pulled back.
Swara craned her neck further to reach his six feet tall frame.
She opened her eyes as she sensed Sanskar moving away. She pulled him closer this time. As she brought her lips closer to his’, Sanskar stopped her.
She was stunned.
“I will kiss you, but ……. “, he dragged.
“But what?”, Swara asked as a thin line of agony appeared on her forehead.
“But just say I love you”, completed Sanskar. Swara smiled.
“I love you , Sanskar”, Swara blushed.
“Love you too, sweetheart”, Sanskar hastened his words before his lips could meet hers.
The two pair of lips were now smiling and kissing together.


Till this Sanskar was played by Varun and Swara by HElly….
the next season would have Dr. Manik played by Namish and ??? Swara and Sanskar would also be in Season two and we will get to see more Swasan and Manik and miss suspense moments!!!

So Bye for 2 weeks..
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