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Chapter 5

Not all are lucky enough to love and to be loved.

If you don’t find love in the other heart, don’t demand it.

If love does not bloom in your loved one’s heart, don’t worry. Be happy, it at least grew in yours!!

Swara wrote these words and ran her fingers through it. Nothing can be as painful as love.

Once, when she could not handle it by herself, she broke into tears to her friend.

“Leave him. Your value will not be known, If you are always behind”, her friend told.

“No Anita, I want to stay with him. I want to be by his side.”

“Stop this non-sense. Be practical. You have every valid reason to leave. What happened to your dream of becoming a certified interior designer? Remember how hard you studied for it?”

“Yes, I remember. But that is secondary now. I have bigger and better aim now. I want to get my love back. And yes, I have every reason to leave him behind and walk away, but on top of all, I have one strong reason to stay. That is love”

“What did the love give you? Just tears, sleepless nights and misery. Remember you killed your dream for him. You told me that he needed you the most and discontinued your certification half way.”

“Yes. True. Until now he is my top priority. The pain is just until I see his face the next morning, once I see him, all the miseries in me vanish.”

“Is it the same the other side? No, right?”

“Love is not a good to be exchanged. It cannot be bound to any condition. Love is unconditional. Loving someone when you get it back is ordinary; if you are able to love, even if you don’t get any, makes it pure.”

“You are obsessed with love. Anyways, take care”

The conversation ended.

Almost all of her friends were jealous of the relationship Swara and Sanskar shared. Swara never believed in boon or curse. She was a spiritual person, but not conventional or religious. But with the current phase of her life, not knowing what went wrong and how, she had to believe that it should have been the deadliest curse on her.

“Uttara is coming here today”, Sanskar’s voice startled her.

Swara turned towards Sanskar. She was surprised that he was up so early.

“She will stay her for a couple of days. My bro in law has got some work in Chennai branch. Hence they are here”, Sanskar continued.

Uttara was Sanskar’s elder sister. She was settled in Delhi. Her husband’s office had a head office for South India in Chennai. They visited at least twice a year. Nevertheless, to say, Uttara chose her Brother’s place for stay.

Whenever, Uttara visited them, the couple made sure not to display their obvious rift. Sanskar would ask Uttara and her family to use his room, while he came down.

Uttara, in one her previous visits, sensed something was wrong.

“What is the problem with you? I sense something wrong”, Uttara inquired Swara.

Swara did not like her presumption. She was worried, as what she might ask her now.

Uttara’s family had arrived around 11 AM. Sanskar had received them from airport, dropped them at home and left for work.

Swara welcomed them warmly. As they were having lunch, Uttara kept scrutinizing Swara.

“How does the food taste?”, Swara asked, in an attempt to distract her and escape her scrutiny.

Uttara was in no mood to leave. “So, when are you going to tell us the good news?’”, she started.

Swara kept her voice low and mind calm.

“Sure. At the right time”, Swara managed to smile.

Uttara could sense an urge in Swara’s tone to end the topic.

“By the way, the lunch was good”, Uttara smiled.

Ragini could sense the new members in Sanskar’s house. She could also identify it was Uttara.

Ragini disliked Uttara, though they did not have any direct relationship. Swara and Sanskar spent more time together whenever Uttara was there. The mere thought troubled Ragini.

She devised a cunning plan. She was waiting for the right time to execute it.

Sanskar was back, late in the night. Uttara’s daughter had slept. Uttara and her husband were waiting for Sanskar to come. Once he was in, they wished him a good night and called it a day.

As he sat on the sofa, his mobile rang. He decreased the T.V volume, as he was reluctant to get up and attend the call.

“Hello”, he answered.

“Yes, I have the signed paper with me. I will scan it tomorrow and mail you.”

“Yes Sir, I understand that it is a crucial paper. I will send it to you, without fail. I will make sure the signed paper reaches you before the US Market opens.”

“Thank you. Have a great day”, he ended his call, which was from his manager who was working from New Jersey.

Ragini was closely listening to the conversation.

Swara, tired after a long day, lay on the couch. Before even she could think about anything, she dozed off. Sanskar was fast asleep in the bedroom.

In the middle of the night, Uttara’s daughter started becoming cranky and demanded for some milk. As Uttara, walked down to the kitchen, she saw someone digging into Sanskar’s bag. Uttara tip-toed. She began to walk with light foot, to get a better picture as who it was. She was shocked. Uttara grabbed her daughter, held her close to chest. Uttara was closely watching her activities. She took out a paper, crushed it and threw it in the Trash bin. She looked around. Uttara hid herself. Uttara’s daughter gave out a loud cry. Uttara tried to calm her daughter, in fear of being noticed. She swiftly moved back to her room. Ragini turned her head towards the direction from where the sound was coming. She hastily moved away.

Uttara could not sleep easily after what had happened. She was not sure why the girl had been doing it to Sanskar. She was not able to wake up early the next morning. It was almost 8 when she came down.

“Good morning”, her brother greeted her with a smile.

She smiled back. She was not sure whether to tell him or not, about the incident.

Sanskar was busy searching something inside his bag. Uttara signaled him, asking where Swara was.

“Looks like she had disturbed sleep. She is having severe headache. She is in the kitchen”

“Oh, ok. What are you searching for?”

“I bought a signed copy of a project agreement document from office last night. I have got to scan it and send it to my manager. Searching for the same.”

Uttara directly went to the trash. She saw a crumbled paper there. She took it out and handed it over to Sanskar. Sanskar was wondering as what Uttara was doing.

When Sanskar unfolded the wrinkles, he was shocked to see that it was the signed document which he was searching.

“Uttara, how did you know it was there? By the way how did it first of all go to trash?”, Sanskar was little annoyed.

“Swara threw it in the trash.”, Uttara replied calmly.

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