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Chapter – 3

“Love unconditionally, so that nothing can hurt you. Even what you love”.

Sanskar read Swara’s status. He sat cross legged on his bed, thinking about the events of last night. It terrified him. He got ready for office and came down.

The couch was empty. Kitchen and living room too. He searched where she was. He was not sure when was the last time he searched for her.

He peeped into her bedroom. He found her fast asleep. She had never slept so long. It was strange for him. He decided to wake her up.

As he went near, he heard her mumble. “Sanskar, I love you. I am not sure what you hate in me. I will not repeat it. I want you to love me. Say I love you. But just say I love you. I will die for it. I love you, Sanskar”

Sanskar was taken aback. He had not showed any love or mercy for her right from the day of marriage. She had shown him only love. There were days, when he had shown his worst face to her. She never complained. She felt hurt, but she did not hate him for that.

He slowly tried to pull her quilt away. She slowly woke up. She was startled to see him on her bed.

She jumped off her bed. “I am sorry. Not sure how I ended up sleeping on your bed. Sorry. Should have been by mistake”, she was panting.

“Hey, no. I just came to your room”, Sanskar spoke.

There had been so many mornings; Swara had wished to wake up in Sanskar’s arms. Today was a different experience. He had come to her room.

“Just a minute.” She ran to the wash basin. She refreshed her up. Had yesterday’s conversation made him check on me, Swara wondered. She was happy that he had searched for her.

Sanskar had an urge to ask her about the noises he heard last night. He made up his mind not to tell about the silhouette he saw inside Kamini Aunty’s house.

As Swara pat dried her face, Sanskar spoke in a low tone.

“When did you come here. You were sleeping in couch right?”

“Hmm. Yes. Not sure when. I just woke in middle of the night. My head and body ached badly. I thought it might be due to the couch. So came to bed.”

“Ok. Don’t forget to lock the main door. I am moving to office”, Sanskar spoke and by all good instincts, he turned to look into her eyes; the same big, round, deep brown eyes. They showed so much love and sorrow at the same time. He had deeper sorrows, he thought.

The casual talk seemed like great words for her. She was in cloud nine to think that he had taken time to speak to her and asking her to be careful. It felt wonderful.

“Can you wait for a moment? I shall make breakfast, long since I had prepared for you”, she rushed to kitchen.

“No thanks. You are staying with me. I should take care of your safety. Hence I asked you to do so. No room for advantage”, Sanskar blurted out and slammed the door behind him.

Swara stood there, feeling hopeless.

Not again, she thought. His words hit her harsh. She felt her head spin.

She held her head and landed on the sofa. Tears rolled down.

Ragini was startled by the sound of the door slamming. She thought Sanskar should have got irritated by Swara. She was so happy.

It’s nice to see this lame dog getting abused, she thought.

Ragini was distracted by the voices outside. The doctor family who had bought the house was there.

The doctor, his mother, Annapurna and Kamini and her husband Raj were there.

Ragini tried to eavesdrop.

Kamini Aunty asked keys from Swara. Swara still felt her head spin. She did not bother to look at her new neighbors.

Swara almost felt like fainting. The doctor and his mother were discussing about moving in, the next month. Ragini did not like it.

Doctor’s mother told that they will visit again in the evening. Kamini Aunty took a leave, asking them to lock the house, once they completed the visit and hand over the keys to Swara.

The doctor and Raj started their financial settlement discussions.

Ragini thought it was the right time.

She approached Annapurna.

“Aunty, just a small note as a well-wisher, Can you please come? Have to tell you something. “

“What is it? By the way, May I know who you are?”

“I am a resident of this apartment. The house you are about to buy is haunted. There is something wrong about this house. I have seen and heard so many fishy things in the night time. I felt like telling this to you. If you have not proceeded with the payment, please stop it. I am just telling this on a friendly note, Aunty. Take care. ”, Ragini finished the conversation hurriedly, as she saw the doctor approaching.

“What is it Mom?” , the doctor asked.

Annapurna looked puzzled. Ragini was happy she had confused her.

The doctor looked at Ragini, she moved away swiftly, so that he could not register her face in his mind.

The doctor did not feel good about her. He thought something was strange and wrong with her.

“Nothing, can we leave?”, Annapurna vacated the place quickly.

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