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Chapter 1:

It was a bright morning. Swara was busy in the kitchen, her ears listening to the song Sanskar was humming, as he was bathing. They lived in a duplex house. Sanskar chose to have the upper portion and Swara mostly dwelt in the lower.

When Sanskar was around her eyes would be the only sense that worked, when Sanskar was around but not in front, ears would be the only one working. When he was away, it was just her mind and his thoughts in her mind that worked.

She was cooking for him, even after his repetitive instruction, not to.

She loved cooking for him; she loved doing things for him. She loved him, more than she loved herself. She loved him like no one has ever loved before.

As the singing slowly faded away and the door knob clicked, she saw him coming out and striding away to his room.

She could not resist him. His tall six feet, slim frame, his fair skin which almost shone in the morning sun, everything in him was so irresistible, except the fact that, he was not showing any love towards her.

Swara meticulously plated breakfast for him. As he came down, formally dressed, she extended the plate to him.

Sanskar sighed. He looked at the plate and then at the floor. Without raising his head, he uttered, “I don’t want you to cook for me. I will take care of my needs” and strode away towards the door.

It was the usual scene. Swara often made only one serving of a meal. Sanskar would not eat it most of the time and she would manage with it. She got used to his silence and distance. She never complained. She was not sure how to tell it to someone. Parents, according to her were her last choice. She did not want to trouble them. She wanted of tell it to Adarsh, her brother. She thought let it wait for some time. Things will get changed, she thought. As she saw him walking away, she stopped him.

“Just a sec”, Swara spoke. She had so much love and numerous questions in her big innocent brown eyes.

Sanskar stopped moving. He did not look back.

“Few of my gold ornaments are missing”

“Where did you keep them?”

“At home. In my wardrobe”

“Search for one more time”

“No I did, several times. Those were my favorite ones.” Swara’s tone saddened.

“Ok. Let us see what could be done”, said Sanskar and moved out.

It was probably the longest conversation they had spoken in the past few weeks.

As Swara peeped to see him leave, Kamini, her neighbor, smiled at her.

“Come in, Aunty, Had breakfast?”

“Yes dear. I did. Thank you. By the way wanted to ask you the house key” Kamini extended her hands.

“Sure Aunty, Just a minute” Swara rushed in.

Kamini owned the house, which was exactly opposite to Swara’s. They were about to sell it. A doctor family had planned to buy it. The keys were with Swara , as she stayed home most of the time.

Swara gave away the keys. Kamini thanked and left.

As Kamini Aunty departed, Swara locked the house. It was empty again. She looked at the breakfast plate on the dining table. She covered it with another. She thought of having it later.

She walked swiftly towards her cupboard, drew out her reception Album. Probably it was the last time Sanskar had smiled at her.

She ran her fingers through the picture of her Sanskar smiling.

It has been one and a half years; she had felt his warmth. Swara and Sanskar never go out together. Sanskar did not let Swara to stay close to him even when he was sick. He was an independent person. But something had made him rigid. That something took him away from her. Above all, that something had made him hate her.

She felt a harsh pain in her head. Swara thought something in her made him hate her. She was puzzled as what it was. It was the worst feeling. She never knew what her mistake was, yet she was being punished. Tears rolled down her cheeks, as she recollected the phone call which Sanskar made just before their wedding.

“Hello”, Swara smiled as she attended his call.

“My love heaven is just a day away. By this time, tomorrow, you would be my wife. It’s just you who can bring so much happiness and beauty to my life”, Sanskar started.

“Enough, my dearest, have something in store after the wedding too.”

“You will not run out of Love and I will not run out of words, describing your love for me.”

“Oh my god. Hey listen, don’t make me blush.”

“Missing those cheeks and the blush”, Sanskar sighed.

“Hey Sweets, listen, I am starting from home to wedding hall. See you in the evening. We would have been paired for the family ritual then”, Swara smiled as she cut the call.

Her eyes and cheeks were wet as she ran through that beautiful conversation in her mind. It was the final lovely conversation she had had with Sanskar. After the reception he bade a bye and smiled at her before he walked to his room. That was the last time she saw him smiling at her.

Her head throbbed. She rested her head against the cushion. She cried until she dozed off.

Precap: Introduction of Ragini

Credit to: Suhasini Khanna

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