It’s just a routine story.


“Wow!!! This is an amazing place. Beautiful!!! I love this” exclaimed a pretty lady. She turned towards a tall, muscular and handsome figure who was standing behind her. He is constantly staring her. She avoided his gaze and continued her exclamation. She is enjoying the beauty of the place ignoring him. He got irked by her ignorance. Slowly he approached her and said “I’m really sorry dear. I was stuck in a meeting. Now talk to me.” She heard but pretended not to hear and ignored him. He got sad. She didn’t speak a word.

After a while her exclamation turned into silence. They are staring each other. At last she broke the silence by saying “You don’t have time for me. It’s better we move on. Let’s call it a break up. Good bye.” She seemed to be serious. He is shocked.

She is about to move from there. He came out of shock and tried to stop. “Marta!!! You can’t do this to me. I said I’m really sorry. I’m ready to bear any of your punishment. But don’t call it a break up. Don’t leave me. I can’t stay without you. I love you. Please Marta! Come back.” he shouted. She stopped in her tracks. He ran towards her hoping to listen something good from her. She sternly replied “good bye and take care Ben!” She left from there. Ben was heart broken and almost in verge of crying. Marta’s words are echoing in his ears. Tears started flowing from eyes. He stood like a statue thinking ‘why Marta! Why did you do this to me?’

Ben didn’t move from that place and tears are flowing endlessly. Suddenly he felt a pair of hands entwining his waist from behind. He came to his senses and looked at those hands. His jaw dropped to floor. He was shell shocked!!!

He immediately released himself from those hands. Then he turned around and without even looking at the face of that person, hugged that person tight. The person squealed “Leave me Ben. I can’t breathe.” Then Ben replied “No. I can’t leave you. I might have done this a couple of hours itself. I repent now. I’ll leave you only if you take back your words Marta!!!”

“Oh God!!! Please leave me Ben. I was just kidding you. I was angry on you. I don’t want any breakup from you. We are always together and we will be together. I love you Ben. I love you till eternity.”

Ben calmed down saying “I love you too Marta. And please don’t call a breakup ever again. I can’t tolerate it even as a joke. I’m really sorry for making you angry” and released Marta from his hug. She sighed and said ” Oh Ben! I didn’t know that you are emotional to this extent. And how come you believed if I say breakup?” She came closer to him and by holding his collar said “even if you want to get rid of me I’ll not leave you. Idiot! I love you like hell.” Ben caught her by waist, pulled her more closer and hugged her happily. Marta too hugged him. Then he placed his lips on her with lot of love and emotion. She too kissed him. They became one.


Authors note – I think people will think what is this? Why is this written? Who wrote that? 😉

I thank all the people sincerely for reading this. You can release all your frustration on this article through your comments. No hard feelings. Whatever you feel, please let it out as it is. I don’t mind.

Thank you 🙂

Oh yeah and lastly… You really don’t know me..

Okay okay I’m getting lost now. Sorry for irritating you folks. 😉 :p 😀

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  1. Haha… I liked it though you wanted to irritate.. Seems you tried one and hiding your efforts now.
    You can put out your rage on me if I commented anything wrong. Sorry!

    1. You_dont_know

      No dear you didn’t say anything wrong. Thanks for reading

  2. Awesome story…really luv it

    1. You_dont_know

      Thanks ryths

  3. How foolish you are! You write such an awesome story and you think we will bash you??!! Don’t underestimate yourself so much! You are such a good writer!

    1. You_dont_know

      Awww Bisha!!! Love you so much. And thanks for the comment. Love you

  4. Hey its lovely story…I’m loved it very very much. have talent in you my dear n this really cute one….keep it up. Love you loads 🙂 😉

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