Just a prank(swasan os) last part

So guys this is the last part of this os.
Here are the links to the previous parts:
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1 month later
Sanky pov
Its been 1 month since that incident and I go to meet her everyday,I ask her to wake up everyday,but she loves to annoy me and that’s the reason I played that prank,I called her up by a random sim and told my friend to act that he had kidnapped me,I just planned to scare her but as we know somethings don’t go as planned.My friends supported me but I could never get over the fact that it was because of me that she is lying on a bed not even opening her eyes for the past one month.
LakshsPov (swasans friend loves swara like a sis)
I saw him break everyday,he still feels guilty and I don’t think anything will stop that.I have ragini with me to support me and she has me but what about him.
Ragini pov
Not a single day has gone when we did not cry, even the doctors have raised their hands but how can we.
Today was a miracle day in the life of the four.
It was the usual routine that before going to office,sanlak would go to see swara.
Sanky went and caressed her face and stood shocked ,she opened her eyes .
Lash also is shocked and shouts:Ragini
Ragini comes there and is equal shocked as the other 2.
She hugs swaraand cries happily.
Swara: Iam fine bhabhi why are you crying.(
Laksh(also crying): swara
Swara: why are you all crying and who is he( pointing towards sanskaar)
Trio are shocked.
Docter comes and trio go outside doctor comes out and asks sanskaar to come with him
Doc: I am really sorry but she has permanently lost a part of her memory, probably since a year.
He goes sanky stands shocked
Raglak go to swara
Swara: who was that guy
Sanky comes in just then: I am your brother friend.
Raglak are shocked
After swara sleeps sanky tells them everything.
After 2 weeks
(2 weeks go by and it is raglaks’ reception, they had decided to marry only after swara comes out of coma. Whenever instances from past come up, swara faints or her health gets affected so sanky doesn’t want to remind her. But who can change fate.)
Swasan’s college grp is about to perform. They know about swara’s coma but not memory loss so they decide to perform Raglak and swasan love story.
During the whole performance swara sees flashes of the past. Sanskaar is shocked and so are Raglak. When the proposal scene comes swara sees it clearly in her mind.
She runs to her room and locks it.
Sanskaar follows her( he is the only one who notices)
He begs her to open the door but she doesn’t and tries to recollect everything. She finally succeeds(love has the power to separate the im and possible from impossible).she stands to open the door but due to stress faints.
He hears that and gets super worried.
He breaks the door.
5 years later
A boy and girl were sitting beside a large window.
Girl is sitting b/w the boys legs and her arms are on his which are around her. She rested her head on his shoulder
Boy: swara (obviously they are swasan)
Swara: hmmm(wearing a red krta and yellow salwar, with sindoor and mangalsootra indicating that she is married)
San: Its five years.
Swara: yes
Sanky: sometimes on looking back I still feel guilty
Swara: come on it was just a prank.
San: which almost destroyed our lives
“Dada” “small dada” 2 voices came.
A 4 year old boy and 3 year old girl entered the room . both swasan got up and hugged them
Swara: so enjoyed the camp
Girl: yes mom. It was……
Boy: it was amazing bua
Girl: Raksh bhai I was talking na.
Raksh(raglaks son):so what sara.
They argue while raglak smile at the door and swasan come to them.

So hope you like it guys,
Just for fun I have a game , the first person who tells me the correct no. of times the word shock (in any form)occurred in the whole os will win.

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