Just a prank (swasan os) part 2

So guys here I am with part 2,I will finish this off with just 1more part.

Ugh she cried annoyed as I stared at her whilst she was researching about some software. She was likely to be pissed off as as I had done my share of the work already and she was irritated at me staring at her.I told her I seeing how she works but did I actually expect her to buy that.We were
working together for a project.I was would be more accurate.(she could just flutter her eyelashes and I would have slit my throat.but that didn’t occur to her at that time)I helped her out and we went to the liberary to collect some info.that is where I saw her real self.begging me to issue a romantic novel as she had already issued
more than alowed.she loved
resing novels particularly of the genre romancel.Under that tough
attitude lied a heart waiting for a prince charming.
FB2 ends

Swasan had be best friends for an entire year and niw wasfarewellday,sanky decides
it is a now or never moment and decides to
propose her.After the function he brought her to the garden(she is in short black dress plain with a silver belt. under which it is flowing. Sanky is in a red shirt black jeans and black coat)The whole area is decorated with flower and baloons.she is surprised and overjoyed, she looks around and finds him gone,
Swara,his voice comes he is down on 1knee
San:swara the day I saw you I fell for you ,you and I were tied by destiny in many situations like the time we were stuck in the liberary(pls imagine).today I want to confess to you that I love you ,you have the
full right to slap me and end this friendship now, he closes his eyes in fear.
How dare you she said
He was sure that he would get a slap but she says:how dare you say this so late idiot, I had been dying to hear this.she is now down on her knees and says ,I love you too
He picks her up and spins around.
FB3 ends

Sankys thoughts are brocken by the doctors voice.
Doc:pray to God, the wound is way too deep,it has affected the brainl,hemorrhage,coma ,memory loss anything can happen.
He goes inside remembering every moment he spent with her and holds her hand but it falls. He calls the doc who shakes his head and says the 1 word which shocks him like a 10000 watt electic wire(fiction)

This is my last update for feb,jane is having her exams so 3 of us have decided to give up gadgets for 3 weeks ,so see you after march 8
Ps please comment if I should stop 1 of my ffs

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