Just a prank (swasan os) part 1

Hy guys so this is an os on swasan ,I have raglak OS once before now this is a swasan ff I hope you like it
A cliff
Swara is running all around seems like she is looking for someone she keeps on calling out
Swara: Sanskar Sanskar Sanskar a person comes behind her and holds her by her waist she get startled and runs she does not notice a stone in front of her and slips she rolls towards the end of the Cliff

Sanky gets worried and runs after her.
She is about to fall off
But he holds her hand in time and pulls her up.
A stream of blood is flowing from her head, there are scratches all over her.
He holds her and asks her to wake up.
San:please jaan,please ,i am sorry please wake up please.
He carries her and rushes to the hospital.
She is taken to the ICU.

He sits outside on the floor against the wall opposite to the door.
He remembers all the moments he spend with her.
FB1:lost myself in her
Swasan were new in college.

Swara was hurrying to her class and so was sanky
Both collided and fell down.
Swara was carrying a few books and they fell down
Both started picking the books
Sanky was lost in her face
Her eyes with just a thin line of black
Her milky white face
Her rose coloured cheeks
Her pink lips which were constantly moving, probably abusing him,he dint know or even care
She shouted:leave my books you idiot.
Sanky dropped the book in his hand due to the sudden instance.
Swara just rolled her eyes and said again

She picked the book and went to her class
Sanky followed her.
Only 1 bench was left in the class,so both had to sit together.
FB1 ends

This was supposed to be a one shot but I could not complete it so it will take perhabs 2 more parts

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