Just a opinion on current yrkkh track..wats urs?


Guyz….This is Just a thought  of mine

I m so upset with the current track….i think most of the fans r …spclly kaira fans…u can count me one of the kaira fans …but m also a very pld yrkkh fan ….i eatch it from 7yrs …in between for few months i left but started again wen leap came where cape town was shown…..

Ryt now they have messed all relation n the actual theme of yrkkh tht is relations  positivity n understanding b/w a family.. ..aftr naira saying no ……kartik started to behave so immature tht he couldnt realise the signs given by naira during karwa chauth episode…n he just went away how can he ,didnt he consider himself to know naira ..then how come he never noticed!!!!!?

 everyone even naitik who is considered the closest person to naira doesnt see naira’s pain but could see gayu’s pain instead…naira being so strong n a real fighter (which is necessary  in real lyf) is not getting wat she deserves which is comming out as a wrong example tht one shouldnt be strong but should be cry baby like gayu to get everything…i used to relate so much  with  naira ..whenever i feel low somehow i used to think people with fighting spirit n naira's character was the first one to come to my mind….then y this sacrifice  drama now….?

I even realted to the bond shared by naira n naitik as the best father daughter duo as i felt it was the same kind of bond i share with my dad but aftr naitik returned from Swiss tht bond is like nowhere  to be found…instead we havnt seen a single naitik n  naira talk scenes ?

kaira atleast should have stayed frnds..i mean i have seen people being best frnds n then one of them confessing his or her love but they still decide to be frnds…kartik kept himself away from naira was understandable so as to let naira realise her love …but aftr the plan was success kartik's determination vanished somehow….

In short everyone's concern for naira suddenly vanished!! Now everyone is concerned for gayu or  r busy in their own life?

yrkkh is a show which respects even small to small bond n now all bonds r just vanishing ….makers should check on this n rectify this…we all fans  r not being demanding  or bashing but r concerned for our fav show losing its identity n basic concept…i consider yrkkh as the best serial ..n i recomend it to everyone  around me as i consider the watcher  of yrkkh is the one who will always stay happy n satisfied as it doesnt load u with extra luggage  but instead fills u with happiness n gratefulness towards this life…

I dont know how many of u agree..but i would love to know all of ur views ….so plz comment n let me know☺

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  1. I am a new fan to yrkhh only due to shivi I started then I fell fir kaira then yrkkh positivity caught me up .I so agree with u about naira strength and naira naitik bond .
    Dear someone keeps taunting u aince morning to night and comparing u to others n saying u dont know relationships ur not like ur mother ur this that which person how much ever strong ur would be shaken n question ur status thats what naira is going through and more over she has literally no one to share her pain even misthii she cant so how will she get her strength to stabd for b herself. naira emotionally blackmailed indirectly or directly how gayus happiness is related to her parents happiness n upbringing now tell me which daughter will not think of their parents firstly all these r making her do sacrifice.
    With karan mehra exit even papa princess bond hasbtaken a backseat he neither can stand for his daughter neither he can see her pain.thank god real life fathers are nit like him.high time they redeem his character.
    Coming to karthik just to force this dumb live triangle they have killed his smartness and all now he only thinks of his heartbreak. I disagree with u on the best friends once confessed can be friends again no dear it can never be they can silently support but can never be the same jai veeru.sorry if I have offended u here . probably as karthik doesn’t have anyone in his life he felt naira is his life so he is unable to face the no from her . switching of his phone not taking hints making him look dumb or probably he doesn’t want to have a hope again of naira loving him back.
    seriously I dont know why singhanias cant stand against bua dadi..respect is according to age its due to theur actions n behaviour n karma.bua dadi till now has dine many things in naksh marriage is what I get from few episodes iwatched .then still naitik n co dont wanna tell her anything .they din even stop when she was scolding devyani. gayu character is seriously a big disaster thank god no one has such cousin in their life.she can replace her mom with her mami, cant see whom karthik lives she couldn’t even recognise karthik in mask party n call it true love, her dadi is one more selfish her grand daughter can jave a heartbreak but what abt naira who is doing apna paraya , ,everybody says gayu went through so much ya agreed she lost her parents but rest all she got on platter served including career immense love from family what about naira she kived an orphan life.gayu leaves her sis alone in swiss insecure of her own family love jealous oa hwr sis status in family. This girl seriously gives us teachings of how a siater shouldn’t be.hopw this triangle breaks and gayu should learn a lesson n now stop playing victim n card n become strong .
    naira should now stabd fir herself n fight against bua dadi n fight fir her life as karthik is not a toy to be played with.karthik stop being devdas n come out have patience n stand for one woman notion.
    naitik should redeem otherwise his character is juat for romance n gayus father.princess papa bond is dead for us
    thank u dear

    1. Hales

      Ya agree wid u shilpa on many points ..n dont worry i didnt felt bad tgt u do disagree wid my views coz i respect urs views too?….ik i shouldnt be personal but from very very personal expeireince i can tell people can remain best friends n share their crazy thoights even aftr confession if they decide this mutually..n accept this whole heartedly…ik this coz as i told u a very personal expeirence but it differs from people to people ☺

    2. Hales

      Shilpa Check out this link …u will see all the topics we discussed getting a ryt direction in yrkkh finally ..n naira naitik bond too!!

    3. Aishbee

      I completely agree with you hales and shilpa…..I really hope that this triangle end and kaira unite and…And this effing awkward situation ends…

  2. I completely agree with u hales on all topics.

    1. Hales

      Check out this link …u will see all the topics we discussed getting a ryt direction in yrkkh finally ..n naira naitik bond too!!

  3. Sethidisha002

    i completely agree with u and i think naira should get karitk not that gayu

    1. Hales

      Ik ryt …idk who in this world thinks gayu n kartik should happen…..it should always be naira n kartik?

    2. Hales

      Sethidisha002 Check out this link …u will see all the topics we discussed getting a ryt direction in yrkkh finally ..n naira naitik bond too!!

  4. always promots NAYI SOCH..bt hamesh wohi purani QUARBANI kahani wala track..
    in new recent promo,she said APNE BARE M SOCHNA KUDGARZI NHI fir yeh sb q…
    bolte sb h bt karte nhi nai soch k lie..
    i love naira becoz she always do what she thinks right..she is open minded bt ab ye sb use dusri akhsara banane p q tule hue h..soch sachi honi chahiye bs..jaruri nhi h wo akshara k tarah ho..

    1. Hales

      Truely said… but i think according to recent news segment she will confess!!

  5. Neerja Kolhatkar

    I have just started watching this again since Kartik and Naira’s track started – I feel the series makers are milking it and wasting time with the Gayu business – just get on with the original track of seeing the Kartik and Naira together. I feel like I don’t want to watch this anymore. I find Gayu’s character irritating.

    1. Hales

      Ik gayu is behaving way too childish n cry baby …makers should have shown secret romantic scenes of kaira aftr confession how they hide it n stuff but now even if kaira come together …everyone will know it so we cant enjoy tht hid n seek love story n romantic track ?

  6. Renee

    yes i agree with u but we can only hope all things to be fine and we can see our kaira scenes back on yrkkh.

    1. Hales

      Hmm..finger crossed!!

  7. please dont call gayu stupid or dumb.. I dont get why u ppl scold gayu so much and praise naira..
    Gayu and naira both are different and unique.. Gayu didnt send Naira to rishikesh so pls stop blaming her
    Gayu lost her parents and she stayed in Singhania house when Naira was away from home in Rishikesh
    Naira is very arrogant and she always does what she likes in anger not very matured like Gayu…. remeber the jeep wala incident when
    she drives it too fast n rude to give answer to roadside ppl..I agree Naira is beautiful and Kaira pair is what you all like
    But please dont scold gayu. she doesnt even know Naira and Karthik love each other.. This world n ppl always keep proving being fair and beautiful is the best thing.,.
    Only darkskinned ppl like me can understand that… we might b dark but we do look beautiful and we are not dumb.. pls dont judge us based on our colour

    1. Hales

      Divya dude …u r taking it totally wrong…first gayu is not dark skinned we never said she looks ugly she is beautiful …in the last tv show she was first introduced i followed it through out n loved kanchi singh’s character…we never opposed kanchi but we do oppose her character nothing personal….i myself believe in inner beauty …but cant u see how obssessed gayu is with the fact of loving gayu tht in swiss epi she thought to leave naira without informing her alone there just to spend tym with kartik …how will u justify this action! Agreed it wasnt gayu’s fault naira went to rishikesh …though we never said tht ..but still gayu always makes a cry baby face to achieve things …in reality it never works….but being strong headed yet soft from heart helps to succeed in life….gayu always asked for help where as naira always tries to do it herself but in tht process somehow everyone helps her without her even asking….thts the difference…i agree gayu has a gud quality to react softly but no one should always react softly …so give ur self a reality check …i was n will always like kanchi singh n shivangi joshi both but here we r just discussing about their characters n not who they actually r …in short its never about skin color or physical beauty my n most people’s judgement depends on inner beauty n reality …

  8. Garima

    Hello hales I think you are a fan of naira I am agree with you I yes naira is so strong girl but please hales don’t angry with me you think kartik go and does not fell that she loves him but he is not wrong kartik proposed naira but first naira doesn’t gave him any answer and then refuse him so he is really very heart broken and that is why he go to console him I am a big fan of kartik and naira but kartik loves naira so much he do for naira many things main is to save his father (naitik) where ether naira also don’t believe kartik when naitik kidnapped cause is started.

    1. Hales

      Hey garima …dont worry dear m not getting angry on anyone ?? ….n dude i totally agree with u …kartik is so….. heartbroken n its understandable …m not even justifying naira!!…she should have accepted kartik’s proposal at first place only…so m not blaming kartik for this …n i think somewhere u r ri8 kartik’s moves r justified to some level …so chill ?

    2. sorry guys I m not agree with u because we all now naira goes to rishikesh and when she come back she realise her mistake so he thinks the whole love her but this is not the truth as we all know naman kidnap natik but naira belive on naman because he is family members or she meet her family after a long time so she believes on naman or she refuse kartik because she want to give time to family but this is kartik mistake that he doesn’t realise naira feeling and just thinking for himself I think there is no difference between gayu and kartik they both think about ourself not think about naira and u say kartik help is family a lot that’s is not because he is good guy he help because he want to impress naira

      1. Dude sorry I disagree with u on karthik part
        karthik helped akshara in rishikesh itself when he never knew naira n ak are related and he never really had any feelings for naira.karthik never dis anything to impress naira .to impress someone they will not play with their lives so many times he saved naira naksh gayu kuhi naitik ..if he wanted to just impress why will he scold naira whenever she does wrong esp jeep incident. he has always stood for naira n her family .karthik loves immensely naira more than himself n he has bitter past so he wanted naira as she brought life back in him.he is not selfish bhe never forced her to live him back he somewhere knows sshe feels something for him he is broken u cant expect him to act all normal its awkwardsituation for him as he also has no one to share.plzz dont eeven compare gayu n karthik they r poles apart .gayu is seen playing emotional card on family to get things done always. karthik also could have used that but he never does.

  9. Yrkkh has had its ups and downs but this is one of their downs. Yrkkh also showed the positivity and warmth hidden in people but for the past few months since naira returned, they have completely changed direction. Before there was only rarely ever goons and thieves but I have seen it so often now which is alarming cause someones life always goes in danger to teach a lesson. Danger is not the only thing that teaches people! With kairas base, the makers realised it is giving trp so have genuinely rinsed that track out so much! Again, ever since the leap of hrishikesh, karthik has been a matter that has been shown. Gayu coming in is not just irritating, but rather irrelevant because audience know it is going to be kaira in the end of it all. Her character has such positive traits but the makers have subliminally sucked out the warmth and shown the more desperate nd clingy light of her character. I understand she is afraid of relationships after her dad nikhil left and her mum and dad passing away (which has also not been entirely justified ) but they show her as the rotten and spoilt orphan who has found a place and is taking advantage of it. The production itself is also quite annoying after naitik was gone for so long, and then naksh has now disappeared… they are yet to show the family fully together. Anshu and jasmeet have been completely ignored and also omi and these characters, although not needed, have been there from the start and should be justified. In the past we only saw events like weddings being dragged out but now we are also seeing plots that have lasted soooo long. Naitik has not been given so much attention as of yet and the naira naitik bond is missing as well. My favourite character present has to be mishti because she is pure at heart and has good values (despite not have changed after the leap). One thing I think I miss is how the chase of trp has made yrkkh lose its core values but deep down, I still think that this down can soon become an up and TOGETHERness and harmony should hopefully soon make a return.

    1. Hales

      I truely beilive in wat u r saying! In this story line yrkkh has become like other shows ….but considering the latest news segment we see answers to many of our questions! Lets see wat the makers have finalised for us fans ..this is the link…https://youtu.be/ch9v2YK3xr0

  10. Btw, I have watched yrkkh ever since it began and I’m not just ballooning about

    1. Hales

      Dude No one will think u r bragging or ballooning atleast not me …coz even i have watched yrkkh from initials …to be specific when akshara n naitik’s marriage was fixed from then on! ??

  11. Cynthia

    I basically hate gayu(not kanchi) because first of all she is insecure of her family, it is obvious that any parents who lost their daughter will love them most, same in my case if my lil sis ws lost and my mum found her aftr 7 yrs my mum would’ve loved her more than me. So why these insecurities? And abt kartik, she can clearly see that kartik always hangs out with naira, never wanted to be wth gayu. If I was in the case of Naira, I would’ve told the truth to my sis as my sis will never b happy with someone who doesn’t love her at all. Don’t turn like akshara, naira, use ur mind instead of your heart, I basically hate akshara, when anyone gets in trouble everyone comes to akshara including the elders. I am happy that the whole serial is focusing on young generation instead of akshara naitik scenes and how akshara fight backs and stuff. Keerti hope u can unite 2 lovers. Gayu hope u get common sense.

    1. Hales

      I totally agree with each lines of urs!! Gayu forcefully took kartik’s help always to be with him …but in naira’s case she never asked for help yet kartik always helpes her..this is the biggest prove for gayu to realise kartik loves naira n not her…
      Btw as u love kaira …check out this link m pretty sure u will love it ..https://youtu.be/ch9v2YK3xr0

  12. Garima

    Thanks hales for understanding me you .

    1. Hales

      No prob yr ?

    2. Hales

      No prob yr ?btw u can check out my fan fiction on telly updates named kaira love story i habe written 7 episodes till now ?

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