Just One Chance-SS (Prologue)

Hey my peepliboos!! I’m back with a new story.. a short story.. will end it by 10-15 chapters I think.. I got this idea.. this plot.. when I was thinking about my past relationships and the abuses I had gone through… so just thought of writing.. having a little bit of fictional touch… some hate… a little romance with blooming love..

I start once I get a plot.. can’t help.. biggest weakness.. maa always tells love has second chances.. some believe in it and some don’t.. for some it’s like it’s like love happens only once… I have no clue about it..

Now to the story… there are a lot of real life incidents too.. people who know me well will find out while reading in the story.. for now, here’s the prologue…

As usual.. please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors

Happy reading 😃😃

“Bhai how could you do that? How could you?” screamed Shaina with tears almost falling out. She was controlling them with great difficulty.

“My doll, I just donno. It happened” sighed Arjun as he raked his fingers through his hair with pure guilt written on his face.

“Just happened?! The f**k do you mean it just happened?!” shrieked Shaina as was not able to believe what she was hearing.

“I regret it” sighed Arjun as he sat on his bed.

“No point regretting” snapped Shaina.

“I thought atleast you’d be my side. Even you’re accusing me” Arjun looked at his sister with pleading eyes.

“What you did was a sin” hissed Shaina as she pointed her finger at him as a lone tear made it’s way out.

Arjun came forward to wipe out his baby sister’s tear, but she backed off with anger filled eyes that were red. Her nose and cheeks red. Just then, Neil came in and looked at Arjun with pure hatred.

“Neil. Please believe me. I didn’t mean for all this to happen” cried Arjun as he looked at Neil too with pleading eyes.

“You are not my bhai. My brother would never do this. Never ever!!” screamed Shaina as she hugged Neil.

“I gave you a cold shoulder when you hurt Tulsi di. Tulu di was the best for you. I wanted you both together so badly. I thought you’d settle down and change for once. But no. It was no strings attached for you” she sobbed along.

“Now, what do I do for what you have done to Radhu di? She hardly knew you. She was here on a professional basis. For a month. To get out of her hell hole. She has gone through a lot and you!! You are so nice, so generous to give her another scar. All those ahw had could heal with time, but the one you have given her will never ever heal” sobbed Shaina as she hugged her brother.

“Shaani… ssshhhhh” cooed Neil as he patted her head.

“I’m sorry” cried Arjun as he knelt down, burying his face in his palms.

“Sorry?” she scoffed “you are a playboy if I keep away all my love aside for you. Everyone knows it. We all had no problems with it. It was because you never hurt anyone. You were a gentleman. One of the best people I have in life. But ended up hurting Tulu di. Who loved you so much. And this… I’m not talking. I’m done” said Shaina as she picked up a glass of water that was kept on Arjun’s night stand and gulped it down in one go.

“Arjun its no use regretting. Time to decide” said Neil in a blank voice.

That hurt him. Neil was always there for him. His cousin. Even when he created the stupidest of mistakes. Neil always pulled him up even when he never asked for help. Now he was not ready to pull him up. When he was asking for his hand.

“Neil….” he started off, but was cut by Shaina.

“What will he do Neil? Nothing. He can do nothing. He treated Tulu di like she was nothing. And Radhu!! Nothing” screamed Shaina as she pulled away from Neil and threw her hands up in the air.

“I have decided” announced Arjun as clear as a bell.

Shaina and Neil just stared at Arjun as he smiled a little, which made the two siblings uncomfortable. No one can ever understand what was going on in the great Arjun Mehra’s head.

That’s it peeps.. please do let me know of how it was.. will be back soon.. love you all loads… tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you 😍😘


  1. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Shreee.. am so eager 4 nxt chappy… pls dont delay.. Arjun.. playboy… n shaina’s accusations.. cud get a overview.. nw am curious 2 know the upcoming scenario.. loved d title..!! Super di chellaa kutty..!! TC m loads of love…

  2. KK

    Woohhhh…nice one…and shree…I do agree that everyone deserve 2nd chance in life….I liked the plot..waiting on next one…tc good night

  3. Dipika


    |Registered Member

    Hey my cute sis it was awesome start yarr..as its related to reak life incident i m so eager to knoe the further progress of thid story…
    U just nailed it by very touchy description of everything…. Pls post chapter1 soon…love you dear..muhha

  4. subha

    shree……………..wow …interesting story eagerly waiting next one……please update soon…love uuuuuuuu,,,,,,,tc

  5. Aastha

    Wow Shree its NYC………hmmm what dud that play boy do to my Radhu???? Make it hell difficult for him to gain her forgiveness………..entud visesham??? Mate enna post cheyunne?????

  6. |Registered Member

    I don’t think there will ever come a day when u will write something and I won’t like. I loved it and so excited for the next one, come back soon. Love u

  7. Rossy


    |Registered Member

    U r back with a bang again…ufffffff I missed ur updates n u of course…so Arjun…playboy…idiot…accusations made…can ask something?? Is it related to that AR…don’t know but when I remember that jerk my blood boiled..ohk …my blabber take back seat….update werewolf

    • Shree



      Yes mommy I’m back!! I missed you too… Kind of related to him.. now don’t get angry.. or else you’ll get bp.. werewolf next week

      Love you 😍😘

  8. Roma

    Shree wowwww my lovely sissyyy. ..very interesting prologue n thx for starting new ss….it’s really superbbbb. ..arjun is asking apologies from his sister n cousins neil but none is forgiving him…he hurt two girls Tulsi n rads…hmmm…looks like arjun is playboy type. ….interesting ….keep it up honeyyy love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling 😉 ♡♡♡ 🙂

    • Shree



      Thank you so much di!! Yes apologising.. he has done something too bad.. yes hurt the two of them… He is hardcore playboy.. lol

      Muaahh to you too di 😘😘.. love you too 😍😘

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