you are just mine only swasan (promo 1)


Hello guys! Sorry for the delay. It’s all bacause of my exam. So I’m here with a promo…


“Rani beta I know that you love sanky. Do yo know wht is love? Love is all about sacrifice. Love don’t known anything aboutselfishness I think you love is also like that. I know you may think why I’m talking this…well its about ragini. She lives sanky unconditionaly. I think you can understand what I’m saying. …”


Sanky you very well know love is all about sacrificing. I want my love to be a unique one. I don’t know whether you know abot ragini’s feelings towrd you…. so I thought to

…………..sacrifice. ..


So friend s wht you all think about swara’s decision and sanku’s reaction.

Thank you very much for your comments. Its really encourage d me.

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  1. No ways plzz dont separate swasan I don’t want swara to sacrifice for ragini swasan should be together

    1. Misz

      Your Request Accepted Dr,,

  2. Vyshu10

    oh god….swara shouldn’t sacrifice and sanky should blast on her if she does so. I wish the scene to be like swara’s mom asking her to sacrifice, swara telling sanky the above lines in front of her mom bt in the last minute….she should give back to her mom for asking such a thing

    1. Misz

      May Be U Are Right..

  3. What the??? Swara….ahhh….. Omg scrfice….no no dont do that dr….plzzzzzzzzzzzz…
    Update asap dr…

    1. Misz

      Request Accepted Dr.

    1. Misz

      Thank You Dr

  4. Noo….I don’t want swara to sacrifice her love…. Even though she tries to do… I knew sanky won’t do that…..

    1. Misz

      May Be You Are Right

  5. G.Chandu

    shocking..!! Is swara a small kid to listen to that lady and decide to sacrifice her love??!!

  6. awesome… dont seperate swasan…. both loves eo. and cant live ,.. for ragini dont want swara to sacrifies her love.. please dont show she is sacrifising… when family will not be with sanky stood for her… i hope u dont seperate them…

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Nooo, plz don’t separate swasan.

  8. Plz dnt separate swasan

  9. Don’t separate swasan

  10. i love ur ff very much..u know why? i like the bonding between them. Don’t separate them. pls. they are made for each other. pls don’t separate them pls…

  11. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    ??..No Never..Swara shud nt Sacrifice Plzx..Sanskaar do something. .Arghh Hatr Swara’s Family…Plzz Dont Seperate SwaSan Plzz ??

  12. AnuAnn

    No never

  13. Heltej

    No never

  14. Khushiii

    Nice but plz don’t seperate Swasan and all the best for your exam

  15. How can her mother be so selfish… Hate her

  16. Heyyyyy..dnt dare 2 do like dis.. plzzzzzz dnt separate swasan.. this promo is rly scaring me…
    all the best 4 ur exam…

  17. Mica

    omg… who ask swara to sacrifice ? her mother ? how could she ?
    saying that she love her daughter but just for sacrificing her to other? moron..

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