You are just mine only swasan (Intro)


Arjun.. Arjun
Why are you smiling like an idiot?
‘she’s so cute na?’
Swara.. I think i love her.
What? Does she love you?
I think so. You know about that incident na? How she hugged me and cried. Rahul i need a help. 2mr i’m going to propase her. Will you help me?
ya sure. Any thing 4 u.

No no this can’t happen. Shona where are you? Thinks and runs toward the celconey. Its all ready raining. He reaches the garden and looks at her angel who is fully drenched and enjoying the rain. he goes near her and quickly hugs from back. She’s starlted with the sudden hug. He slowly sqveeses her bare belly under her skirt and kisses her nape sensually. She feels his touch and moans.
He makes her look at him and cups her face.
“What happend sanky?”
That.. That..
She hugs him wrapping her hands around her waist.
“I love you shona.”
“I love you more”
Then he leans to her lips and captures by his. She closes her eyes and accepts it. Then he lifts her in his arms and takes her to the bed and covers them with the blanket.

He careses her hair who is peacfuly sleeping on his bare chest hugging him titly. He thinks ” you are mine only shona. Just min only. i’ll never give up you to anyone. Not to arjun
Not to laksh
Not even your parents. You are just mine. I love you. and i always protect you. It’s a promise from your sanky.”

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  1. Awesome
    But write clearly
    I mean with proper para and punctuation

    1. Thousand thanks shagun. Bt, realy sory this is a promo.

  2. who is rahul?

    1. Thousand thanks shagun. Ruhul is arjun’s friend.

  3. Thousand Thank You For Your Comments. Bt Realy Sory About The Para And Cnjctns Bcz I’m Typing In 4n. Dnt Wory! I’ll Rectify It, And Rahul Is Arjun’s Friend. And Also This Is Promo Not Part 1 Sory 4 The Inconvinience

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