You are just mine only swasan (episode 9)


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Few manths passed. Swasan daily sleeps in same room.

Sanksar is caresing swara’s hairs who is sleeping and makes her lie on the bed and comes top of her.He cups her face and starts to cares her cheeks and thinks

“i dont knw shona wht will u do after knowing that i love u bt, i cant lose u. i’ll make u realize and confess YOUR love for ME”

he kisses her cheeks and keeps his head in the crook of her neck and falls in sleep.

Swara wakes up and sees sankar is sleeping on her and blushes. she tries to wake himup Bt, thinks

“shona u hardly get chance to be close with him so keep quiet”

thinkin this she carese his hair.


Next day,

At the college,

Arjun is lost in his thout,

“wht to do now? How to impress swara.? First i should make her accept me as her friend then i’ll make you realise MY feelings to you”


At the canteen,

“shona its nothing. Its a small theory. I’ll explain you at flat”

Swara nodes her head with puppy face. At that time she notices some girls are trying to get attantion from sanky.

Swara gets angry and sits close to him and holds his hand while putting her head on his shoulder.

“oh! Shona its just a simple theory. Why are u worrying for this simple matter.”

“i’m not thinking about that. Bt, look at them how they are wearing such dress, dont they feel ashamed. U dont look at them them. Come lets go to that side”

He understands that she is jelous and thinks to pull her leg.

“no shona, look there they are very hot with that dress. U know every boy wants to the girls to look hot” he keeps on praising the girls without noticing swara

Listening to him she looks at her self and gets sad. Bcz she is wearing a simple shalwar.

“hi! Swara sanskar”

Says arjun while entering the scene

Seeing him sankar gets tenened bt hides it.

” i think to join you guys 2dy. Bcz, rahul and viren are on leave. I think u dnt mind it.”

“of course come lets have meals together.” says sanky giving him a fake smile.

“2dy is my treat. So order whatever u want.”

“treat…? For wht…?” asks swara.

“as a celebration of our friendship… Now dont tell me i’m not your friend.” says arjun jokingly and also purposely.

Hearing him swara laghs while sanky continues to give him a fake smile.


Swara is waiting for sanky near the gate. At that time arjun comes near her and gives her a talk

“swara wht are u doing here? Leave that, are u free this sunday?”

“ya. Bt why ?

“i’m planning to go for a outing. Wht say”

Swara doesn’t say anything and looks at him.

“plz dont say no. After all we are friends na?”

At that time sanky reaches there. And swara got exited.

“sanky u now wht? Arjun is planing for outing this sunday. It will be very fun. Sgall we go plz.”

Hearing her arjuns face turns pale. Bcz he thought to spend some time with swara.

Sanky notices him and says

“ya shona. Me too thinking the same. We will definetly go. ”

Shona gets happy and hugs him in exitment.

Seeing this arjuns face turns to black colour and bid byes to them and goes from there.

“wht u thought arjun? U can make MY shona fall for u by taking her alone? That will never happen. Bcz she is just mine only. You are my trim card to make her realize her love for me”

Thinks sanky.


Its sunday,

Trio goes to outing.

Swasan are enjoying together forgetting that they have come with arjun.

Bt, their love for eachother increses.

Seeing them enjoying together arjun gets frustrated. And gets angry on sanky for spiling his plan.

Its depature time.

“come dude i’ll drop u in your home” says with a fake smile.

“its ok. It will be very fun to go by bus.”

“ok. So, swara may i drop u?”

She feels uncomfortable bye his talk and tugs her arms with sankar’s and says

“no arjun. I also want to go by bus. Thank you very much for your planing”

Says swara and they leave from there.

“sanky sanky sanky. I’ll show wht is the exact place of sanky in your life.”

Saying this he angrily goes from there.


In the bus.

Swasan are sitting together. Both are very tired.

“sanky i want to say you something. That girls……”

“shona our stop has come.”


Swasan apartment.

Swara comes out of the room and sees sanky is already waiting for her.

Seeing her sanky comes near her

“sanky i want to say you some thing. That girls……”

“sshh… We can speak rest of the things tmro at our full moon night. Now come and sleep. 2mr our full moon sky is at our pool side.” says while keeping his finger on her lips and picks her up and goes to sleep.

Swara hugs him tightly recalling those girls.


After some weeks, arjun sees swara is sitting under a tree and reading a book.

Sanky is no where to seen.

“hi swara. I need to talk to you about some thing. Can i?”

Swara smiles and singns him to sit.

Arjun sits opposite to her.

“actualy swara, i wanted to say this at our first meeting its self bu……”

“shona we got it. Be ready for rocking golden jubilee. See this i got permis……”

” stop it sankar. Cant u see we are talking about something. Atleast dont u know to excuse your self before speaking. Im also notising from very first day. Cant u give her a singl minute to her personal life.”

Arjun shouts spitting out his all anger and frustration.

Hearing this sanky feels bad infact very bad

“im sorry. I didnt want to intefere in your personal things. That… bcz of exitment… K. Im leaving u guys carry on.” saying this turns to go by hiding his tears.


Credit to: Misz

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