You are just mine only swasan (episode 8)


Sanky notices arjun and hugs swara tightly showing his love and insecurity and thinks

” wht to do now? seems like arjun likes shona”.

He takes swara with him.

at swasan apartment,

after finishing there studies sanky says

“arnt u going to sleep?” Bt, without answering him she streches her hands indicating to lift her,

sanky smiles and picksup her in his arms starts to walk.

she puts her hand around his neck and stares at him lovingl he reaches her room puts her on her bed bt, she holdshis collar and says

“pls 2dy sleep here”

he nodes and goes to other side of bed and lays down

Sanky is disturbed by arjuns thougt

“what should i do now arjun is a realy nice guy he will be perfect for shona bt, something is stopping me should i giveup my shona?”

thinking this he looks at shona who is actualy not sleeping. And looking at him

“arnt u sleeping”

“i wan to to come there”

says swara pointing toward his side he sighs and about to getup bt, she stops him and says

“i want to come here”

pointing his chest he happily welcomes her andhugs her and thinks

“you are just mine only shona i’ll never giveup u to anyone” he tigtens his grip

“sanky when will you understand my feeling for u”

thinks swara while huging him more tighter.

Credit to: Misz

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  1. superrrrrrrrrrrrrr….lovely…swara also loving sanskar..nice…..

    1. Thank You

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  3. awesome… update long part…

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  5. Vaikha

    Soooo cute.. Love d way u write shona expressing her love to him

  6. SwaSanFan.Goldie plzz thida bada n continue soon

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Superrrr. Yapiee, both love each other,great.Waiting for nxt.

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    awesome…so cute. Love swasan

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