You are just mine only swasan (episode 7)



Arjun shouts seeing him

“Yesterday rahul and today you” says arjun looking at him disbelifingly.

“sanky college administration is renovating this building bcz of its golden jubilee. Bt see him, he is taking bath in the paint. U go to cls i’ll solve this matter” saying this arjun goes to viren and swasan goes toward the class.

When arjun is out of thier sight they burst out laughing.

“shona did u see him? He’s exactly looked like a pambaya ( i dont its exact word. Pambaya is a doll which is used by farmes to get rid of the birds)

Saying this sanky starts to laugh.

Bt shona looks at him lovingly and recalls how she pulled the rope which has tied to the paint backet. She noticed how the masson took that paint bucket from down kept it while the rope tangled in the rod.

“you made fun of my sanky. Now the whole college is laughing on you”

Break time. As usual arjun comes and joins with them. Bt sanky notices that arjun is trying hard to get attention from swara bt swara is not giving him any head. Sanky gets uneasy seeing this. An unknown fear is ruling his heart.

“wht are u thinking dude?” asks viren

“i want to impress swara. Bt dont know how to do it” says arjun

“oh! So a new love chapter has started in our college”

Arjun blushes and says “now dont pull my leg and give me a idea”

“i have a idea.”

“what’s that?”

“old but gold”


After the college. Swasan are leaving. Bt, a girl comes and says that meena madam has called him. He asks swara to wait near the gate.

Vir-Arj are hiding behind a bush

“viren does it work? Wht if sanskar has come”

“he wont come. Bcz i’m the one who arrenged that girl. Even if he comes he cant do any thing. Bcz ha doesnt have wht u have” says viren pointing arjuns bicap.

At that time some goons reach near swara seeing them she gets tensened.

“wow?! Very beutiful.” saying this he is about to touch her face, befor his hand could reach her face his hand gets twisted and and its reaches his back.

Seeing the scenery both vir-arj mouths get opened.

“how dare you are? Will you touch any girl hearafter” says the person while hitting him on his head.(poor goon)

“sorry. Sorry. Sorry sister. Plz save me plz”

“sanky leave him. We are getting late.” says swara while holding his hands

The goons from there.

Sanky looks at her and and pulls her closer to him by holding her waist.

“this why that day its self i told u to join with me in the katate clss. Bt u fainted seein the master”

They burst ou laughing and swara says

“bt, sanky u always come lately na? Then how did u enterd in the scene?

“oh shona u know even if i get late u very well know i’ll always there for you and about entering the scene i forgot that meena mam is today on a leave. I think someone want to play prank on me. Thats why returned.

Arjun looks at viren angrily and starts to hot him which is notoced by sanky, unnoticed by swara and aware of vir-arj.

Credit to: Misz

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