You are just mine only swasan (episode 6)


swara’s sleep is disturbed & opens her eyes bcz, sanky tigtens his grip on her waist. She notices that he’s feeling cold bcz of snowfall. She tries to get out from his grip bt he tigtens his grip more and murmures “dont leave ”

She gives up gets an idea. She slowly unpinns her duppatta and removes it covers both of them it and sleeps hugging him even more tightly.

Its morning. Sanky gets up and sees her sleeping wakes up her slowly.

“Shona get up. We have to go to college.”

She slowly wakes up and says “GM sanky”
And gets up from his chest without noticing her duppatta.

Sanky notices this and his eyes get widen.

Seeing his eyes she looks at her self and quickly hides her chest with her hands while turning other side out of shyness

Sanky too gets up and covers her with duppatta.

She holds her duppatta tithtly and runs to her room and closes it while blushing hard.

Sanky smiles sheepisly and scratches his haed.

At the college.

Arjun sitting lonely and recalls how he arrenged flowers for swara and how he lastly got dissapointed.

At that time swasan enter the college and arjun’s face brights seeing swara.

Swasan aproaches near him

“hello arjun sir, why are you sitting alone here?” sanky starts the covesation.

“hello. Bt, call me sir. Just arjun is cool. And yeah viren has gone to canteen and rahul took a leave today.”

Hearing rahul’s name swasan smile which is unnoticed by arjun.

“oh! Wht’s happening in this building? sanky asks while pointing at the building where they are actully standing under it.”


someone screams from beck of arjun while swsan stands still in there place.

Arjun turns behinde and sees someone standing there while taking bath with the white paint.


Credit to: Misz

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