You are just mine only swasan (episode 43)

Swara turns and sees arjun there.

“swara i need to speak to you. Plzz…. ”

Arjun takes swara to some distance. And says
“swara you know wht i liked you in the first day itself. So i tried to come close to you. Bt, always sanky come inbetween. That’s why i got frustrated and shout in him that day. By seeing you supporting him i got to know how important he’s for you. Then i convinced myself self to accept sanky also. Bt, do you know wht your sanky had done. Take your phone. ”

Swara is even more confused. As well as shocked to hear his confession. She confusedly gives her phone. Arjun takes her phone and shows something and swara gets shocked.


Ragini is angrily walking through the corridor. She recalls her meeting with sanky.

Some hours before @ godadia mansion.

“sanky, swara has gone to temple with ma. So shall we go to college? ”

Sanky is boggled. Bcz, swara has never gone out without informing him. He feels something fishy bt, composes him self and goes to college with sanky.

At the college.

Ragini takes him to a lonely place.

“sanky i want to say something to you. Actually l…. I… ”

“wht ragini any problem? ”

“sankY my loved ones call me laddoo. Then y can’t you call me like that. ”

“i will call by nick name to whom i love. Sorry ragini. ”

Ragini slowly comes near him and gives him a seductive look and traces her fingers in his chest and says

“am i not included in your lived one’s category? ”

Sanky gets angry and jerks her hand.

“behave yourself ragini”

“oh come on sanky. I’m like wht I’m. U know wht i love you. ”

“bt, i don’t love you ragini. ”

Ragini is shocked.

“wht?? Don’t joke. I know. U love me right? ”

“I’m not joking. I don’t love you. I love my shona only. ”

“no… No… This can’t happen. You can’t love her. Just tell me that you love me. I’ll make her out of our life”

“for god sake ragini try to understand. I love her truly. ”

“so wht i love you very much. I’ll make you forget her by my love. And don’t worry. If say one word to MY MOM she’ll make swara out of your life. ”

Swara smiles sacratly and claps. “wow! Wow! Ragini. A sister should be like you only. Thank god! I was guilty till now for not to let her meet your parents bt not now”

Ragini is amused.

“wht to do you mean by? You didn’t let her meet us?”

“ha ragini! Its me who didn’t let my sona rwach her parents. Bcz i i know if she goes to them she won’t return to me. Don’t think by staying with you all for 3months she will get remember her memory. I won’t let it happen at any cost. ”

“sanky how can you? How could you di that.?

“that’s I’m ragini. She is mine. Just mine only. I will never give her to anyone. Not to even to her patents. I’m selfish… I’m selfish about her. No one can separate her from me. No one cane replace her also. Jus 24 hours I’ll take her from your house. Mind it ragini even your shadow shouldn’t touch her. I mean it. ”

He storms out from there.

Ragini comes out from her thoughts hearing arjun.

“swara thats true. Sanky is jealous of me. I know it’s a big cheat. He cheated you… ”

Ragini stalted hearing it

“sanky you tald me that you will take her within next 24 hours. Bt, she’ll herself from you within few hours. ”

Ragini smiles wickedly and goes from there.

Swra: sanky you know very well love is all about sacrifice. So i decided to sacrifice.
Sanky: shona…!

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  1. Simin

    Swara dont do something wrong baccha

  2. wt!?
    plz dnt separate them and kill dat ragini and sumi!

    keep writing
    be hpy always

  3. Pls don’t separate them bt u separated them I don’t like this

  4. i didnot like the plot now
    how swara became that dumb

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Nothing to say???. Sad chappy…*crying..
    Take care

  6. Plz don’t separate them nice episode

  7. nice..
    hope swara dont take any harsh decision

  8. Kakali

    Waaaa !!! Swara u know very well love is about sacrifice…but u know i love chocolates though i’ll not sacrifice it for my love one’s also.. huhhh !!! but u ? urghhh !!!
    d chappy was as i expected.. hmmm..
    Thnk u.. ;-*

  9. Vyshu10

    superb….finally the teaser scene is on d way

  10. What???
    Is swara going crazy???
    Awesome ep

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