you are just mine only swasan (episode 41)

swara wakes up & looks here & there. she’s disapointed nt seeing sumi. sanky reads her face
“rags s slepng in sumi aunty’s room. aunty too”
swara just looks @ him & hug him.
“i dnt knw y i’m feelng rstlss. i feelng sme bad nws cmng toward me sanky”
sanky tigtns his grp
“nthn like tht. when i’m here y fear?”

swara looks @ him
“i Wnt smthng will u gv me sanky?”
“any thng for u sona. wht du u wnt?”
“.. YOU.. i wnt u. plz gv me youslf. i wnt 2 feel u. i wnt 2 feel my self. plz.”
sanky gts cnfusd & worris seeing her tears.
he holds her head and locks his lips wid hers.
she careses his hair.
scnd by scnd they deepn the kiss.
the broke it when they should brek.

wid in no scnd their lips meet again.
his one hand travls by her head 2 chest and gets hold of her br*ast for wich she gasps.
he kneedls it and careses her nippl.
his lips imprses her neck and his teeth gvs her mark.
they both slowly lie on the bed.
againg their lips meet.
he just hugs her & careses her hair and nuzls his neck until she falls in sleep.

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    Nice one dear … love it.. thnk u..

  3. End the track yar

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    Wt ever the situation plzzz don’t separate SWASAN yar
    Y don’t u give long chappy plz give chappy abit long

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    ya plz end this track and show swasan together moments plzzzzz

  7. awww
    keep writing

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