you are just mine only swasan (episode 40)

sanky sees sumi s takng care of his sona. he couldnt du anythng. his insecurities increases by seeing sumi’s care for swara. he couldnt do anythng. he goes 2 his room
“i shud b happy seeing sumi aunty tkng care of sona bt it boths me. like she’s snatchng my rits 4rm me. she’s my sona. i shud b the one who tks care of her on her thik & thin. wht hpning 2 me. she’s he mother. bt, i cnt accpt her taking care of her. did i do by agreeing sona on her plan???”

here in the room, sumi s tkng care of swara & swara s just watchng sumi. sumi sees swara and asks wht hpnd.
“i misd u so much ma! nw i dnt wnt 2 leav u. plz ma dnt leav me ever.”
swara cries and hugs sumi. sumi makes her lie on her lap and cares her hair and swara slowl dozes off 4 the 1st time widout missing sanky.

later @ mid nigt

sanky slowly peeps in the room & sees swara sleeping. none s there except swara. he goes there and sits near swara. he slowly careses her hair and touches her forehead & realizes she’s stl hvng fever. which dstrbs swara.

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  1. End the track

  2. Kakali

    Nice one… love it.. thnk u.. 🙂

  3. Princess swasan

    So small but awesome?

  4. awww
    i jst lv my sanky.
    dnt separate swasan.

    keep writing
    be happy always

  5. good but very short and late update.
    sorry if i hurt u.

  6. Mica

    Sanskar.. please.. please don’t leave swara in thick and thin…

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