You are just mine only swasan (Episode 4)


Swasan reach some place & get emotional seeing it. Its a kaali maa temple

They reach inside the mandir and stand infront of the idol and close their eyes.

*********flash back************

Our small sanky is holding his shona’s hand and standing infront of thw same idol and says

” kaali maa. 2dy u gave my shona back. I’ll never let any evill come near her and i’ll always protect her. Its my peomise.”

“kali ma u gave me my sanky back and i’ll never leave him its my promise” says swara titning her grip on his hand.

And they light the diya together.

*********fb ends***************

They both open their eyes while having tears.they both fold their hands.

They think

“kaali maa till now i kept my words. Pls give me strength to keep it forward too and don’t evwe separate us whatever the situation is.”

At that time someone ring the temple bell like kaali maa accepted their prayers

Bright way tutorial.

Udith head of the tutorial says

“so sanskar and swara poonam ji told about u two. U can join in the job from 2mr onwards.”

Swasan: thank you sir.

Swasan apartment.

Swara opens her wardrobe and takes the dress which she’s goint to wear to the party. She smiles seeing the dress.


“shona wht happened to you? You’re looking so dull.”

“nothing sanky. Shell we go for a walk? I’m feeling very bored.”

They walk for sometime around the garden. Sanky notices swara is feeling difficulty in walking.

“shona wht happened?”

“i don’t know. My lower abdomen is paining like hell.” saying this she sits on the ground holding the stomach.

Sanky gets worried and. Says “shona wait here i’ll get poonam ma here.

He is about to go bt, he holds his hand and makes h sit near her and says

“no no plz don’t go. I’m very scared. don’t lea……ve m…” before he could complete her vision got blurr anr faints in his arms.

Sanky gets more tensend and starts to pat her cheeks and says

“shona. Look at me. I’m not going anywhere. See here”

Without getting any respomse from her his eyes are filled with tears. He maneges to lift her in his arms and rushes to her room while calling poonam

Sanky gets worried as no one is letting him meet his shona. Poonam comes out from swara’s room and sanky rushes to her

” ma wht happend to shona? I wnt to meet her”

“wo..wo ah! Sanky she’s having chiken pox. So no one should meet her. It may infact to others also”

“no ma i want to meet her. Just five minutes. Plz”

“sanky now you are 15. Somethings you should undetstand with your self.
Its about a girl thing right. Just five days. She will be here only. I think u can understand.” says poonam calmly

Sanky nodes his head undestandingly and goes from there.

Its been 5 hourd since he met swara
He misses her very badly and goes near the window of swara’s room and knocks it.

“shona! Are you there? Can u here me? How are u feeling now? Will u not speak with me?”

He gets sad bcz he didn’t get any reaponse from swara and turns to go. Bt something hits his back and turns and sees a paper chit and takes it.

“sanky i’m fine. U dont worry. Poonam maa said not speak with any gents tiil fifth day. I’m missing u badly.”

Sanky gets happy reading it. It became daily routin for him to come near the window and chat with her.

On fifth day sanky goes near the room and waits for her to come out. At that time siya reaches there and says

“sanky why are you standing hear? Poonam ma told u to get the curtains of your room to clean it.”

Sanky noded his his and loos at the door sadly and goes from there dissapointingly.

He enters his room and stunned seeing the scenery.


there his shona is standing wearing a pink colour half saree.


He gets mesmerized seeing her. She blushes seeing him.


He slowly aproches her and touches her face and notices some thing is missing and makes a black dot on her cheeks with his kajol and says

“shona you are looking so beutifull”

Feeling his touch and compliment she blushes hard and hugs him bcz of shyness.
He smiles and hugs her back.

“i want you are the one who should see me in this dress first” says swara while hugs him.

He gets happy by her statement and hugs her more tightly.

*****fb ends*****

Swara smiles recalling het past and blushes.

After sometime she gets ready for the party.

Precap: arjun waits for swara in the freshere’s party.

Thank you friends. Thank you shagun, anu, chinni,soujanya, bresh, vyshu, tamanna, priyanka, mahjabeen, samia, sammykapoor, khushubu, anjali, drishya, niya, prakriti, abdul hafiz, khushii, subi shubangi, shan, s. Thank you very much for your golden commants.

Credit to: Misz

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