you are just mine only swasan (episode 39)

swara shouts “maa” and hlds befr sumi cud fall.
“wht did u jst cld me? call me once agn.. plz.” sumi gts bit emtnl.
swara has tears in her eys and says “maa!” she gts emotnl and hugs sumi. sumi smiles & sys “i ws lngng 4 thz moment nly.”

“ma! lets hv ice cream cmptn.” rags sys exitedly and swasan, ragsumi sits to the cmptn. the game start and sumi stps her slf wid 2 ice & rags mangs to go till 5 nt more. nw its swasn nly. they eat till 9 & swra stps her slf frm eatn. when swra stps thn hw snky cud cntinu? he too stps
“wht snky? just 1 mre u’ll win.” rags disapoints.
“no rags. There’s no lose and vctry btwn me & sona we r 2 body 1 soul”
thz statmnt maks both of their’s face red. swara being blush and rags being angry..

@ night
sanky s restls. he’s feelng smthng bad around him. his heart make a urge meet his shona. he slwly goest 2 rags room & sees the lights r stil on. he peeps throug the hole & sees sumi s plcng a clth On her frhed & he cms to a cncltn swara s hvng fevr and gts mre wrd

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  1. End this track yar

  2. Do continue soon dear

  3. End this track Yar next part

  4. nice but dont seperate swasan hating ma beti.. when this track end hope it vl end soon

  5. Nice

  6. Kakali

    Sumiii !!! *nit gonna call ma … didn’t u feel anything when Swara called u Maa ¿ like seriously ?? hope u change urself … bcz noo maa can do this with her own daughter…
    Thnk u Misz … hope it will happen soon…

  7. nice liking it a lot..

  8. Maryum


  9. Vyshu10

    nice…..i guess that precap with swara-shomi confrontation is after all this. Swasan will understand all their plan. Don’t seperate swasan

  10. Soujanya


  11. nice epi
    i want 2 kill sharmishtha & ragini
    dnt sprate swasan plz.
    keep writing

  12. Mica

    oohh my swasan… soo sweettt

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