you are just mine only swasan (episode 38)

next dy mrng.
“rani cme lets go 2 temle & pry 4 ladoo. its been yrs we’ve gne there” sumi asks swra wid a hdn mtv. swara too cmpils inocently and goes widout n4ming sanky. nw snky & rags r alne in the home. rags thnkr 2 excute her pln & cals sndng a servnt 2 sanky.
“y did u call me rags?” sanky entrs the room.
“wo i wnt 2 go 2 blcny. wil u hlp me?”
snky recls swara’s cndtn ystr dy nit & gts tensnd.
“wait rags i’ll cal sona or aunty”
“sanky thy’v gne 2 temple”
sanky fls hlpls and holds her hand and taks her 2 balcny. rags strs @ snky & he gts akwd. rags try 2 hug him and he distance him self.
“sanky wht 2 du u thnk abt love?”
sanky recls swara
“love.. its vry beautiful, its vry cmplctd, bt, if there’s no love then there’s no reasm to live”
while he’s lost in swara’s thought rags gets clsr 2 him & runs her fingrs on his arms. sanky gts alerted
“i thnk i shud leave nw” widot expctng any rply he leavs frm thr.
“jst few days sanky i’ll gt u”

at tmple
sumi and swara dscndg stps and sumi stumbles to fall…

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  1. End the track

  2. Plz end the track asap dr. Nw it becming boring. Sory if i hurt u.

  3. Pls end the track Yar show swasan moments pls

  4. Kakali

    Ragini needs a Tight punch yaar !!! i m just loving her now !!! wanna see her loosing,, broken,, feeling like hell … doo this fast Misz … thnk u..

  5. end this track unite swasan soon and show they focused on their project…

  6. Dear you can giving a big part instead of giving smaller parts and thats y its going to becoming boring slowly slowly.

  7. Mica

    uuhhh so scary….

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