you are just mine only swasan (episode 36)

“ragini.. hwa did u fall down” snky asks being shocked. “wo.. i thnk stool stumbled on me..”
“i mean i stumbled.. ahh.. its paining pls hlp me sanky”
sanky nodes & gvs his hand. ragini hlds his hand. sanky pulls her wid force & she falls on his chest. ragini closes her eys 2 feel his embrace
“ragini wht happ…” swara culdnt cmplt seeing ragsan hugging positn
sanky sees swara and releases ragini. “wo.. sona ragini has fallen dwn so..” sanky tries to gve explntn. ragini again screams and acts as falling and sanky holds her by waist and looks @ swara who’s lookng @ thm wid teary eyed. she quickly wips her tears and rushes 2 help ragini.

“there’s nthng mrs. godadiya she’ll be having hip and back pain. so let her take cmplte test for 2 dys” the doctr sys gvng sme prscrptn 2 sumi and leavs.
“thnx sanky for hlpng laadoo” sumi say for whch sanky prtst.
“no aunty. its my duty..” he again looks at swara who isnt evn lookng at him. he dnt knw hw 2 cnvnc his sona.

swara s in da terrece whle lookng at stars..

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  1. Are yaar why so short plz make ot long na plz

  2. U postd late nd small part 2. Plz be regular plz. And part was nyc. Want 2 c nw hw sanky gng to convince his son??

  3. Dont seperate them pls end this tack yar

  4. Plz update next episode soon

  5. Kakali

    Afterrr soo many days !!!! i missed it … dear .. thnk u..

  6. after so long…nice..continue soon..

  7. I miss dis ff..
    Wt hpn 2 u dr??

    Plz update nxt part asap.. plz plz
    wnt 2cknw hw he will convince her shona

    I hate ragini and sharmishtha.. witches.

    Keep writing
    be happy always

  8. A.xx

    i like it but make it a little longer plz.xx

  9. Maryum

    So shot

  10. awesome.. but to small hope u got ur mobile back.. update next part soon and dont be late this much.. update soon

  11. Mica

    noo.. pls no MU between swasan…
    how are u Misz.. uh…

  12. Vyshu10

    nice….hope there won’t be any MU btwn swasan

  13. Nice one bt too short plz upload regular and a long one

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