You are just mine only swasan (Episode 3)

Sanky comes out after coviensing swara and sees munna standing while crossing his arms across his chest.

Sanky raises his eye brow and gives him a “what” look.

“What’s there inbetween you two?” asks munna pointing toward swara’s room.

“don’t you know what’s that? That’s a door” saying this sanky starts to go

Bt, munna comes infront of him and says “nice joke! bt, it didn’t make me laugh. I know you love her right?”

“Munna she’s just m……”

“just friend rigt! Let’s see how long its will take to chang her as your lover.” saying this he goes from there.

Sanky looks at him and sighs disbeliefingly

Now swasan ready to move for dhelhi and takes blessing from poonam and hugs munna and siya.

“carefull dude. And call us after reaching yout flat apartment.” says munna.

“munna don’t dare to pluck flowers from garden. i hVe my own sourses to know about that. if i get to know that u’vu gone near the plant… you very well know who i’m and what i’m cappable to do.” swara warns munna and he gulps in fear and nodes his head.

They bid bye to everyone one start their jurney to the place which they dreamed about every day


Swasa reaches their flat which is arranged by poonam. They enter there apartment and sees it well cleaned and maintained
Being tierd they go to there rooms respective rooms to sleep.

“maa…” shouts swara getting up from night mare. She looks at her room and feels lonely. She silently gets up from her bed and leaves from there.

“how innocent he’s” thinks swara seeing sanky who’s sleeping pescefully. She thinks about the nigtmare and slowly puts her head on his chest and hugs him tightly.

Sanky wakes up from his sleep and says
“shona! wht happened ”

“sanky night mare. The same night mare. I’m very scared.”

“sanky hugs her protectively and cares her hairs
“its just a nigtmare only. now sleep”
They slowly dozes off in each others arm.

Next day!

Dream college,
Students are entering the college
Some with dream
Some with fear
Some with joy
Our swasan also one of them.

Some senior students are waiting let’s concentrate wht they’te discussing.

‘rahul why arjun didn’t come yet.? He very well know 2dy there’re so many new comers has come.”

“aree viren you know he’ll never miss a chance to rag. He’ll come.”

At that time a lavish HB car enters college and stops near them. a handsome guy gets down from the car and goes towards them.

Boy: “hi”

“see there the great arjun malik has come” says rahul.

“ok guys lets involve in our mission”says viren.

“arjun today your dare is you have to make the guy stand in that terrece for an hour who enters first” says rahul

“you have to male the girl say you ‘i love you’ who enters first.”

That time swasan enter the college

“look there arjun! Your prey has come” says viren.

Arjun turns and sees swara


He is stunned by her beuty.


He’s totally by her pretty.

Rahul calls swasan and they reach near them.

” hey come here. Introduce youurselve”

“i’m sanskar coming from XYZ place. MBA first year”

“sanskar? Are you a sankskari boy?”

All of them laugh hearing viren’s comment.

” and you? do u need any special invitation? Tell your name damn it” shouts rahul.

Hearing the shout swara gets scared and her eyes are filled with tears. and holds sanky’s hand tightly.

Looking at swara’s tears arjun feels bad.

“rahul why are you shouting. They are our juniors. Juniors are like our friends. Talk with them sweetly. I’m very sorry on his behalf. You go to your cls.” says arjun looking at swasan i mean swara making the whole gang hell shocked.

While going swara turns back and smiles looking at arjun.

Seeing this arjun gets happy and turns to see his gang who’s giving him a death glare.

Swasa are going throug the corridor and a girl comes and dashes with swara making her lose the balance and before swara could reach ground sanky catches her


They both composes themself and sees other girl who’s still on the ground (poor girl) and stares at them.

Swara helps her and says sorry and swasan go from there.

Break time.

At the canteen. Swasan are sitting together and having food.

At that time arjun reaches there and says
“if you don’t mine can i also join you guys.?

“sure come. Sit.” says sanky.

“well i think we didn’t introduce each othe. I’m arjun malik. 2nd year MBA.”

“Nce to meet you and thank u for morning incident.” says sanky.

“its k. As a senior its my duty.”says and looks at swara

“shona wait here! i’ll get my wallet. I think i’ve kept it in the cls room its self.” says sanky and goes from there.

“so, your name is shona?”

She blushes and says “no its my nick name. My name is swara”

“swara…shona… both are unique name.
Shall i also call u SHONA?”

“NO! only sanky has that right to call me shona”

Heating this his face turns to pale and says “sanky… U mean sanskar? Who is he to you?”

“he’s my first , best and close friend. He’s just m…”

“oh realy. K. Will you come to 2dy’s fresherer’s party?”

“i didn’t decided about it yet.”

“plz come. It will be fun. I’ll be waiting for u”

At that time sanky reaches there and bid by to arjun and leavs from there.

After the cls swasan are going toward the compound

“sanky we need to seek a job you know…”

“i’m also thinking the same.”

They see a group of students surrounded someone. Sanky asks one of student

“wht’s happening there?”

“someone has locked rahul in the toilet.”

Swara silentl smiles hearing it and says

“sanky u did it?”


sanky gets angry on rahul whil he’s busy in shouting on swara.

Sanky looks at rahul whil leaving from there and smiles evilly.

At the break time sanky watches at rahul going to washroom while speaking with arjun and makes some excuse and goes to wash room and sees rahul going in side the toilet and silently locks it from out side.

“you’te the reason for my shona’s tears. This is for that.”

He comes back to swarjun.

**********flashback ends****************

Swasan give hi fi to each other and leaves college laughingly.

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