you are just mine only swasan (episode 28-a)


“We Tried Our Best To Find Our Rani. Bt, We Couldn’t. Kidnappers Demande The Project.So, SK Approched Police. They Get To Knw About This And Said That We’ll Never Get Our Daughter Back. We Couldn’t Get Our Rani Back.” Sumi Tells The Past Cryingly. There’s A Comlete Silence For A While. Ragini Also Comes There.

“i’ve Decide…” Swara Mutures. Sumi Looks At Her Confusedly. “i’ve Decided That I’ll Be Here For 3 Moths. If I Get My Memory Back We’ll See Further. Or Else…” Swara Takes A Deep Breath And Says “or Else.. I’ll Go From Here And U Shudn’t Oppose It!” Swara Waits For Sumi’s Answer.
“i’m Happy. In This 3 Months I’ll Make U FEEL that I’m Your Mother.” Sumi Says Cofidently.
Sanky Is Sad About That. But, Remembers About His Coversation Wid Swara Last Night

“shona I Love U. You Know That How Much I Love U. Even I Can’t Be Without U. Bt, Your Family.. Its Important To Knw About Your Family. Please Agree. Sanky Says Caresing Her Hairs.
“but, I’ll Miss U. I Can’t Live Without You For A Single Minute.. “

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  1. Mica

    so they will separated for a while ?

    1. Misz

      It’ll Never Happen

  2. nice…☺

  3. nice.. please dont seperate swasan.. now shomi will ask swara to gave sanskar to ragini as ragini loves him.. please dont seperate them…,,

  4. Duaa

    Misz well its quite short update which is leading lack of interest!
    I suggest you to download an App Memo and then write your parts there it may help you to write a long part!

  5. Sbko kya pro hota h yll always separating n separating

  6. AnuAnn

    Sorry to say dear.. I know y u r giving short updates bt its creating lack of interest in this story. It is one of my fav ff from beginning.. BT now be oz of short updates its lack its charm.. I don’t’,t want such a superb plot should lost its charm.. So should use alternative method to write story or take your time to solve prlms.. We w’ll wait for it

    1. Misz

      No Need 2 Be Sorry Dear. I’ll Definetly Concider About Your Ideas.

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